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NTI –Launches PROVisioning: Excellence in Data!



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It was an important time for the NTI team as the European (NonStop) Technical Boot Camp ETBC, hosted by BITUG and supported at the Platinum level by NTI, gave the company an opportunity to unveil its vision for the future of DRNet®. Following discussions about NTI’s strategy going forward the opportunity such a large gathering of NonStop users afforded the company was to validate not just the assumptions that were made but the end result that evolved from these discussions. Yes, today it’s all about the data, the mining of data to better understand information, but when it comes to NonStop there is more to meeting the needs of the enterprise than providing just a one size fits all. NonStop users need to be assured of that when it comes to the steps to be taken to Hybrid IT participation NTI can meet the NonStop user community’s requirements every step along this journey.

In last month’s issue of NonStop Insider we provided a brief overview of what we would be presenting at ETBC. It was not cryptic or clouded in incomprehensible industry jargon, but rather a simple explanation of Data Replication by DRNet® was now just the starting line on a journey where data, created on NonStop, would be ingested in multiple ways by many different applications. As explained at the time in the previous, May, 2019, issue of NonStop Insider:

No technology or product line is an island and once prominent point products that were considered best-of-breed do not function by themselves. As we continue the transformation journey to Hybrid IT, it is important to recognize the many paths that connect the fabric of IT and it is this demand for data to travel down many of these paths that NTI’s product, DRNet®, has been engineered to meet. At a time too when Hybrid IT embraces on-prem traditional systems and private clouds together with off-prem public clouds, the options enterprises must consider are many. Fortunately it is the task of DRNet® to make whatever option is chosen not only meet the demand, but simplify the process as well as with one product, DRNet®  satisfies many of the requirements common to moving data.  

The wraps came off what we meant by “the many paths that connect the fabric of IT” as well as noting that with Hybrid IT, there are a lot of options where to store data and where to run applications but “Fortunately it is the task of DRNet® to make whatever option is chosen not only meet the demand, but simplify the process as well.” Addressing the many paths with something simple and uniquely beneficial to the NonStop community, NTI chose to launch PROVisioning: Excellence in Data. This is the overarching branding that will be highlighted across all products coming from NTI with NTI Products under the Vision “banner” and Services under the Pro banner.    

NTI - JUNE 19 - 2

The results from setting a strategy in place – and yes, the effort put into validation of this strategy at ETBC proved invaluable as it became very easy for NTI to confirm that it was headed in the right direction given the responses received from the NonStop community – includes the identifying four distinct product lines. These have either been announced or in one way or another alluded to even as NTI pursues building out an ecosystem with existing NonStop vendors who are working with NTI in completing the strategic deliverables already identified.

DRNet® and DRNet® / Open anchor the PROVisioning for Replicate. DRNet® / Vision for Splunk anchors the PROVisioning for Integration – the interface being JDBC for now with JSON to follow, as will support of Hadoop, Kafka, etc.shortly. PROVisioning for Distribution will be anchored by our partner’s product supplied by a NonStop vendor participating in our ecosystem. As for PROVisioning for Transformation this will be part of extending business opportunities in the era of Hybrid IT and will include new features to simplify the way enterprises get data into and out of platforms needing data. However, this extension of business opportunities will also include NTI’s move into providing DRNet® as a Service.

The key to the success of this new strategy of NTI is the Change Data Capture (CDC) model at the very heart of DRNet® deployments today. NTI continues to do an outstanding job when it comes to excellence of moving data from NonStop to anything else – it works with SQL, Enscribe, TMF audited and non-TMF audited files – without the need for any additional products. NTI was the first vendor to champion CDC on NonStop and everything that goes into making PROVisioning: Excellence in Data important for all NonStop users will be based on CDC methodology.  

In that previous issue of NonStop Insider, the May, 2019, issue, we closed by suggesting that the NonStop community should anticipate hearing much more about DRNet® at ETBC and if you missed our presentations you will soon be able to download the complete presentation – see the BITUG committee for further updates as the availability of the NTI presentation as a PDF. Should you have questions on NTI’s strategy along with its vision for where data will be headed, your NTI team is only too happy to listen to your business requirements and to work with you to ensure NonStop continues as a vital platform within your data center. And if your travels take you to Texas we look forward to seeing you at N2TUG a little later in June.


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