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NTI – Vision is the key to PROVisioning: Excellence in Data



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Following the launch of PROVisioning: Excellence in Data, all NTI presentations and the conversations that followed have centered on just one word, Vision! For NTI, Vision has a lot to do with where the company is headed, but it also conveys a more practical aspect of the NTI product portfolio. In a world where the industry acknowledges that we live in a data-driven world, it is important to recognize that there are a lot of places needing to consume data. And as the NonStop community has become aware of lately, “we at NonStop create data!” In retrospect, we have always been about creating data, but of late, its significance isn’t being lost on any business – for an enterprise to remain competitive it has to respond to fresh data and there is nothing more current than what is created on NonStop as a result of the transaction processing!

“It is not a surprise for NTI to see a turnaround in NonStop customer expectations of late,” said Tim Dunne, NTI Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales. “When it comes to ingesting data for propagation elsewhere, we have a history of doing exactly this that extends back to the earliest days of NonStop, a period of more than three decades. To say NTI knows Data is to emphasize our role within the NonStop community. We, at NonStop, may create the data but then we, at NTI move the date to ensure business continuity, of course, but now for many more reasons than just an assurance the enterprise will stay in business.” It is with the history NTI has accumulated within the NonStop community that it now launches its Vision product set all under the heading of PROVisioning: Excellence in Data.

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At a recent Regional User Group meeting, the conversation turned to what exactly NTI meant by provisioning and to what extent Vision played a role. When it comes to provisioning, for most people it conveys preparation – we prepare to go out sailing, we prepare for road trips and many times, it would seem, we would prepare for natural disasters. No matter how you view interpretation of provisioning, for NTI it means that with DRNet®/Vision, NTI “will get the data to where it’s needed, when it’s needed and how it is needed while ensuring business continuity,” explained Dunne. “And to simplify how to move the data and expand the opportunities for other products to consume the data, we have complemented our feature set to include not just passage to any product capable of accommodating a JDBC interface but to those products that prefer processing JSON message formats.”

In other words, NTI truly is ensuring the data created on NonStop makes it to locations where it is needed, be that on-prem or in the cloud! “It is still very early days for NonStop and any cloud participation,” said Dunne, “but all the signs suggest that some cloud adoption by the NonStop community is inevitable. The presence of virtualized NonStop and more recently, its support of VMware, demonstrate real commitment by the NonStop developers to ensure NonStop remains the premier transaction processing platform in support of mission critical applications.”  However, it is a topic we have asked Richard Buckle, an independent industry consultant and commentator, to present on our behalf at the upcoming TBC and a brief abstract follows:

NTI is taking its DRNet® products deeper into the NonStop community as it kicks off a major initiative to complement traditional deployment models with opportunities to leverage DRNet® as SaaS and to transform the way DRNet® is consumed. DRNet® supports the replication, distribution, integration and transformation of data to meet whatever requirements of data generated on NonStop that enterprises have today! Capitalizing on Change Data Capture (CDC) methodologies, this gives enterprises the opportunity to leverage DRNet® even when other replication products may be present.

NTI has also announced DRNet® VISION – support for better NonStop integration with AI, BI, data lakes and warehouses. And to this effect, NTI is pleased to announce DRNet® supports JSON formats to better integrate with data lakes and warehouses including Splunk and many more! Support for JDBC and JSON extends the capabilities of DRNet® beyond anything currently available on NonStop.

If as yet you may be undecided about attending this year’s TBC we hope that you will make a decision to participate. We sure would welcome your visit to our booth in the Partner Pavilion as well as we hope you will listen to the update Buckle will be providing as we would be only too happy to discuss our vision and yes, our DRNet® VISION product line with you – and look for us participating in other RUG and Industry events being held in the coming months. And if as yet you have not had the chance to check out NTI’s quick overview of PROVisioning: Excellence in Data solutions as they become available, click here.

For more information about DRNet®/Vision, please contact us at, visit or stop by for a visit at:

HPE NonStop Technical Bootcamp (Burlingame, CA) November, 3 – 6, 2019

And not forgetting,

BITUG Little SIG (London) December 3, 2019
HPE NonStop HotSpot / IT-Symposium (Berlin) May, 4 – 6 2020


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