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PCI-DSS Compliance with CSP PassPort®



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Authentication and authorization on NonStop systems require a complex arrangement of basic Guardian file permissions, Safeguard globals and optional object ACLs. All of these elements provide control over who can do what to an object.

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CSP PassPort® is a comprehensive security solution for controlling and auditing user access to HPE NonStop systems. It provides comprehensive user and command control, password quality enforcement, and full session auditing for NonStop systems.

CSP PassPort complements Safeguard by providing additional security features and greatly expands the Guardian security package for systems without Safeguard.

Manage PCI-DSS Compliance Requirements

CSP PassPort provides important security features for NonStop servers with or without Safeguard. While Safeguard provides a range of authorization and authentication controls, additional controls are required to manage how users logon to TACL and/or OSH, and what privileged commands can then be used. At the same time, once logged on, it is critical to control what activities may then be carried out.

CSP PassPort addresses some of the following PCI-DSS requirements:

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Designed for NonStop Command Control

CSP PassPort provides comprehensive user and command control, password quality enforcement and auditing. It controls and filters user access to systems, programs and commands according to customized user profiles.

All user terminal input/output operations (including OSS) can be monitored via an easy-to-use GUI interface, while an audit process records all user activities.

Major Benefits:

Key Features:

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CSP – Compliance at your Fingertips™

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