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Prognosis recognized as a cool, hot, innovator

Prognosis wins many awards in 2016; no matter the path taken by NonStop users, Prognosis will be users first choice for monitoring and management software




Before saying a final farewell to 2016 it’s worth taking a look at just how well Prognosis faired with industry analysts over the past twelve months. It’s always a strong indication as to how Prognosis will fare in 2017 when many well-known research organizations all line up in support of the product and its features. As IT grapples with a rapidly changing environment, impacted by standards, hybrids, clouds and the Internet of Things (IoT) – monitoring and management software is coming under increased scrutiny as to how it can benefit IT at a time when more is being asked of IT than ever before. Furthermore, as we watch a world focused on mobility and remote workers, ensuring the IT services are always available is not only challenging for the systems themselves but also for all responsible for infrastructure, systems and applications support.

There are also changes underway in how monitoring and management software is developed and delivered. New programming languages and frameworks are boosting productivity even as all involved in software development embrace new database offerings, look at real time analytics opportunities and push ahead with becoming more informative, more prescriptive in the way they respond to any deviations from normal. Resource bottlenecks, the unavailability of an application and any number of possible security breaches are all important to those responsible for delivering IT and the predicted influx of sensor data, as IoT gains popularity, means so many decisions can be taken automatically, in real time that will help alleviate the sprawling complexity that constitutes a modern data center.

It is against this background of anticipation thwart with anxiety that we look back at just how well recognized Prognosis has become when viewed against this rapidly changing world. In April, 2016, Gartner named IR as a 2016 Cool Vendor in Availability and Performance. In this report IR has been named as a Gartner Cool Vendor in the “Cool Vendors in Availability and Performance, 2016”* report by Gartner, Inc., the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company. While the features of Prognosis that warranted the “cool” label included the monitoring of Microsoft Skype for Business voice calls, with a readiness to provide the same insight for Microsoft Skype for Business Online, it’s the very same Prognosis underneath Skype for Business specific apps that every NonStop user would easily recognize.

Every bit as encouraging for the NonStop community was the July 2016 announcement that IR had been selected as a 2016 Hot Vendor by Aragon Research. “With the rise of the remote workforce, enterprises are making it a top priority to move into the digital transformation in order to stay connected and collaborative,” said Jim Lundy, founder and CEO, Aragon Research. “We’ve selected IR as a Hot Vendor because of their initiatives to support this transformation by delivering solutions that truly enable enterprises to deliver the best user experience from their UCC deployments.” Once again, it is recognition of the extent to which Prognosis goes to meet the needs of emerging business practices – the world has become mobile and the go-to- interface for most IT staff has become the smartphone. And this is increasingly a requirement of the NonStop community as well and today, there’s great support for Prognosis for Payments and Infrastructure on smartphones.

Finally, in December, 2016, it was announced that IR had become an IDC Innovator in UC&C Management Solutions. “IR was named as an IDC Innovator for its competitive advantage derived from its unique intellectual property and 100% software-based probeless design,” said Rich Costello, senior analyst, IDC. “Enterprises and Service Providers can deploy IR Prognosis to bring real-time visibility, insight and control to complex , multi-vendor UC and contact centers.” As noted earlier in the news release, as a recipient of the IDC designation, IR was recognized for its Prognosis solution, a fully integrated suite of monitoring and management software that assesses IT infrastructures, predicts leading indicators of imminent failure, and prescribes remedial action. And it’s this fully integrated suite of monitoring and management software that makes Prognosis cool – anything at all that needs monitoring and there’s scripts tools and mashups on the ready to empower the most adventurous NonStop user no matter what solution is deployed on NonStop.

This coming year will be full of new opportunities as the NonStop community considers multiple options. Customers can continue to deploy NonStop i systems which we expect many of our users will continue doing for much of the year. They can add NonStop X systems to the data center infrastructure, which we fully anticipate will find supporters among new users of NonStop. They can even begin evaluation of virtual NoNStop (vNonStop) which we are sure developers and testers supporting NonStop solutions will likely pursue. No matter the path chosen and the solutions involved, the NonStop community can rest assured Prognosis will continue to innovate right alongside of them because as acknowledged by others, Prognosis continues to be cool!

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