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SQL/MX DBS, Ease of Use Series




hpe oct 2020-1

Promoted by Frans Jongma, Master Technologist at HPE, these upcoming videos on NonStop SQL/MX will be a must-view series for all those interested in knowing more about SQL/MX:

This is a first of a series of short videos that introduce NonStop SQL with Database Services to new users as well as to existing users. The common theme of the series is to show how easy it has become to work with NonStop SQL/MX, and how little advanced knowledge is required to create and use a fault-tolerant database.

Since it was first covered during presentations made at last year’s NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC), there has been considerable interest expressed in knowing more about the NonStop SQL/MX Database Services (DBS). The introduction of DBS as a standard component of SQL/MX positions NonStop with SQL/MX as a database platform that developers will recognize as following a two-tier or multi-tier application database architecture.

hpe oct 2020-2

In this series of videos, Frans “shows how easy it is to work with NonStop SQL/MX and how little advance knowledge is required to create and use a fault tolerant database.” DBS is an environment that is included in the standard product – a major step up in functionality for NonStop customers – that makes it “easy for users to create, use and manage the database in a DBaaS like manner while preserving the fault tolerant capabilities of NS SQL/MX.”

The applications on common platforms occupying the application tier in a multi-tier architecture including those applications running on Unix, Linux, Windows or any platform supporting Java now can tap the power and flexibility of an SQL database that is fault tolerant and capable of running online, 24 x 7! The NonStop users who have been using NS SQL from its earliest releases were aware that NS SQL had the potential of occupying a central role in any application implementation – something that has come to fruition within HPE IT where DBS has been deployed – and with NS SQL DBS, the NonStop team has now realized this goal.

hpe oct 2020-3

As the first of many videos to follow it introduces viewers to a number of roles – administrative and development – that helps separate what is on NonStop and where the line exists between database and application. It also provides insights into multi-tenancy as well as to how easy it becomes to provision a database in a world where virtualization now means NonStop could be running anywhere on any x86 server cluster not as traditional machines but a virtual machines.

If you missed the promotion of this first video on the LinkedIn group Tandem User Group, you should revisit the group and click in the link that takes you to the video.

Should you have any problems finding the video using the hyperlink included above you can always watch below:

And look for more videos from Frans to follow shortly.