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Striim’s Whiteboard Wednesdays’ videos continue to provide insights into best practices for real time data streaming




Striim - Apr -2020

The Striim team continues with its outreach via its Whiteboard Wednesday video series. In another 8-minute video, Advancement of Data Movement Technologies, our Head of Product Marketing, Irem Radzik, covers the journey data integration technologies moved through since 90s. She starts from early extract, transform, load (ETL) utilities to change data capture (CDC) / logical replication solutions, and explains why streaming data integration platforms have now become popular.

Where today cloud platforms dominate much of the discussion with their rapidly changing modern offerings, there is also the recognition that data created anywhere in the enterprise needs to find its way into the cloud to enable value from the cloud investment. This includes data generated on NonStop, which can be found supporting the devices we rely on – ATMs and POSs, mobile phones and tablets, and reservation systems be that for a train ride or simply to reserve a car.

In this video, Irem Radzik provides insights into “how data movement technologies have evolved in response to changing user demands.”  Stirring our imagination and perhaps giving us pause to look a little differently at NonStop and its role in the bigger picture of IT. It is perhaps best reflected in Irem’s key observation that with streaming data integration, you are not limited to databases and cloud as your destinations:

“You can have cloud databases or other cloud services as your target. You can, in addition to databases, have messaging systems as your target, on-premises or in cloud, your big data solutions, on-premises or cloud. You can also deliver in file format.

“Everything is like it was in a logical replication solution. It is continuous, in real time, and Change Data Capture is still a big component of the streaming data integration.”

What every NonStop user likes to hear when evaluating third party products to use on their much treasured NonStop systems, is also highlighted in this video:

“Data reliability is really critical; whole pipeline reliability is very critical. 

“You can also make sure, with the right solution, that everything is processed exactly once, and you are not repeating or dropping data. There are checkpointing mechanisms to be able to do that.”

If you would like to know even more about the architectural best practices of streaming data integration and how it brings data modernization, there is yet a more in-depth resource available for you.  In a recent post by Irem on the Striim blog- Introducing Our New O’Reilly Book: Streaming Integration: A Guide to Realizing the Value of Real-Time Data, you will find out how you can order a free copy to a 100+pages of deep-dive into streaming data integration. Co-written by co-founders of Striim, Steve Wilkes and Alok Pareek, the book delves into:

“…the importance of streaming integration to deriving value from real-time data to address real-world business challenges and garner immediate benefits, including:

Driving hybrid cloud adoption

Providing a platform for real-time applications

Enabling continuous data delivery for reporting and analytics

Powering online, zero-downtime data migration to the cloud

Collecting, aggregating and reacting to IoT data

Performing real-time machine learning predictions”

 If you haven’t availed yourself of these informative videos from the Striim team as yet, or downloaded your free copy of our new O’Reilly book, please visit the Striim blog. Should this lead to further questions or requirements for additional information, please feel free to contact us to start a conversation.