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Striim’s Whiteboard Wednesdays’ videos will fuel the imagination of the NonStop community!




striim mar 2020

Here at Striim we are aware that our team needs to keep communities informed about how our customers achieve benefits from streaming data integration and even as there are many ways to do this, one new avenue for us is our blog.

If as yet you haven’t checked out the blog you may have missed seeing the new series we kicked off that we are calling Whiteboard Wednesdays. The 6-part blog post series includes videos by our CTO, Steve Wilkes, and our Head of Product Marketing, Irem Radzik on different streaming data integration topics. Each post takes less than ten minutes to read and to date perhaps the most popular post has been that of Steve when he covered the topic, Build vs. Buy for Streaming Data Integration: Whiteboard Wednesdays

Steve’s conclusion (and without giving away too much of the story line) is something we hear often and it is a good reminder to choose what we focus on:

“What are the differences between build vs. buy? It really comes down to, do you want to get going with building your solution and providing business value straight away? Or do you want to focus on being a software development organization building a platform that can then build the applications that will provide business value.”

When it comes to the NonStop community, build versus buy has been a constant conundrum that has challenged many enterprises. The subject of buy is approached cautiously as legitimate concerns arise over whether or not the new product will compromise in any way the NonStop’s fault tolerance. Once again, this is where education plays an important role as does experience – communicating a vendors’ longevity working with NonStop is always a great place to start. Striim has one of the longest associations with NonStop of all vendors today and the team’s knowledge of Change Data Capture (CDC) methodologies dates back to when many of the members worked for GoldenGate and even earlier for Tandem Computers.

With a software platform like Striim which connects and processes a diverse set of data, there is every opportunity to become imaginative and to let creativity drive our solutions: NonStop is where data is created, but there are many systems needing access to that data with very low latency. News today may very well be tomorrow’s history quote, and fresh data is to business what gold is to bankers. Perhaps it’s left to others to proffer insights into the possibilities when a next-generation technology such as Striim is combined with a mission-critical system like NonStop:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”

— Albert Einstein

To stir your imagination further, we would like to introduce you to the February 5, 2020, post – The Top 4 Use Cases for Streaming Data Integration: Whiteboard Wednesdays. In this video and blog post, Irem Radzik provides you with the most common use cases where industry leaders choose streaming data integration over traditional methods.  The video covers the following use cases that applies to NonStop users as well:

Building and maintaining a hybrid cloud architecture is most likely part of your organizational goals. Here is a section from the video that summarizes Striim’s value:

“What do we see in hybrid cloud architectures? Heavy use of cloud analytics solutions. If you want operational reporting or operational intelligence, you want comprehensive data delivered continuously so that you can trust that’s up-to-date, and gain operational intelligence from your analytics solutions.”

Your on-prem NonStop data is very critical for your cloud architecture and gaining operational benefits from cloud solutions.  If cloud is not a destination for your NonStop data at this time, streaming data integration still matters for your modern applications:

“Cloud is a big trend right now, but not everything is necessarily in the cloud. You can have modern applications on-premises. So, if you’re building any real-time app and modern new system that needs timely information, you need to have continuous real-time data pipelines. Streaming data integration enables you run real-time apps with real-time data.”

The Whiteboard Wednesday videos aim to drive new insights and ideas for our community with under ten-minute time investment. More videos are available for you on streaming integration related topics. If you haven’t availed yourself of these informative videos from the Striim team as yet, please visit the Striim blog.

Should these videos lead to further questions or requirements for additional information then please feel free to contact us to start a conversation.


Written by the Striim Team