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Your OmniPayments continues with its global participation in RUG events; this time it was Dallas, Texas, with the N2TUG community!




omni july 19 - 1

If you have been following the news coming from OmniPayments via LinkedIn, Twitter or NonStop related blog posts you will have realized by now that OmniPayments has made a major commitment in 2019 to participate wherever there is a gathering of NonStop community members. This is not being done out of any desire to score more stamps in passports, but rather, recognition that business continues to expand for OmniPayments. OmniPayments, LLC, CEO Yash Kapadia makes it clear to all those who ask him that, “we continue to be very active in the payments solutions market where demand and considerable interest in our payments switch, our security and fraud blocking products and our mobile wallet continue to attract considerable audience whenever we present at user events.”

In a matter of just a few short weeks, OmniPayments has presented on the America’s Atlantic Coast in New Jersey, in the heart of Scotland, at the bottom of South America in Chile. It was just this past week that OmniPayments was present in Grapevine – a northern city that is part of the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex – for the NonStop community’s N2TUG Regional User Group (RUG) meeting. Coming as soon as it did following HPE Discover 2019 in Las Vegas, there was plenty of interest in finding out more about all that transpired and there were many networking opportunities with HPE NonStop team members who were only too happy to discuss topics of interest with all those who wanted to know more about HPE and its plans for NonStop.

OmniPayments was represented at N2TUG by Senior Payments Architect, Vaman Palav and Yash was also attending the event, so there was plenty of knowledge on hand to answer any NonStop user’s questions. Being the home town of JCPenney where OmniPayments delivered in a timely manner on a very significant modernization project that resulted in JCPenney upgrading to OmniPayments for all the payments processing, there would be no deterring Yash and Vaman from telling attendees about just how well this project came in on time; a full payments switch migration completed in under a year! With JCPenney IT staff present at this event there was no escaping just how pleased Yash and the OmniPayments team were with what they had accomplished and this success put on notice that OmniPayments was as viable a payments solution provider in the United States as it was elsewhere across the Americas.

omni july 19 - 2

OmniPayments was again a Gold Sponsor of the N2TUG event and its presentation on “Modernizing Payments with OmniPayments JSON, XML, Digital Wallets, P2P Payments and Tokenization came early in the proceedings schedule and was very well attended. It was interesting too to observe that HPE NonStop senior sales management was present and it was clear that they too were paying just as much attention to what was being covered by Vaman in his presentation. Perhaps the interest in Mobile Wallets and the relationship OmniPayments now has with Visa, particularly as it relates to P2P Payments and Tokenization, checked off the boxes for many of the attendees as it was clear from the information provided that OmniPayments has become very close with Visa in its support for Visa customers in some countries.

“The key consideration when it comes to Mobile Wallets,” noted Yash is that “is to know that it is securing your customer’s information that is necessary in order to authenticate them and then allow them to start a transaction; it is both necessary to make it all impenetrable by unauthorized parties even as it is mandatory to make the user experience such that they want to continue using the mobile wallet. And this has been accomplished by OmniPayment with its Mobile Wallet feature running on NonStop.” Purchasing any goods or services from your smart phone is now a requirement in almost every market OmniPayments operates and in some countries where OmniPayments has a presence, the take up of its Mobile Wallet has been impressive.

“The value we get from attending RUG events of late where we support the events as Gold and Platinum sponsors,” said Yash, “is that we get immediate feedback to the plans we have for future releases of OmniPayments. We have always been customer driven and the architecture of OmniPayments supports a capability to add new features almost ‘on the fly.’ This inherent flexibility of OmniPayments is what has continued to drive the success we are now enjoying and there really isn’t anything OmniPayments cannot accommodate when it comes to processing payments!” JCPenney may have been the showcase user for OmniPayments at N2TUG but there are plenty more success stories to be told and there really isn’t a better platform available from which to present OmniPayments than RUG events – expect to see us attending even more events as we enter the second half of 2019!

Look for us at your favorite RUG event when it takes place as there is every chance you will find us present for the occasion and yes, we continue to welcome any and all inquiries and of course, you can always reach us by phone or via email any time you would like to know more about OmniPayments and how it can best address your payments modernization programs.

Yash Kapadia | CEO | tel +1 408 446 9274