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February Editorial (Issue 2.5)

NonStop Insider


An interesting issue! Evidently Holidays are over and everyone is getting back into the swing of things with renewed energy! As always, there are events – NonStop centric and verticals oriented.

The ATM Industry Association US Conference has wrapped up and, “for OmniPayments, this is always an event where our team is visible as we move among the users as well as check out the vendors.”

The BITUG BIG SIG event is just around the corner and Collin Yates, BTUG Vendor Liaison, has sent us information. In a nut shell, “This year BITUG will be holding our ‘BIG SIG’ on Wednesday, May 9th, 2018, in London and we welcome our BITUG users to come along to this event. As this is the premier event of the year for the BITUG user community, it has always proved popular with all NonStop stakeholders. This year we are once again working hard to ensure the agenda under development covers the topics we know you have expressed an interest in – the times, for NonStop, are most definitely, “a changing!’”

Karen Copeland provided us an update on Partner Technical Symposium, “We are pleased to announce our intentions to continue our new tradition and have another Partner Technical Symposium in 2018. This year the event will be held on Monday, July 9th, 2018 at HPE’s offices located at 3000 Hanover Street, Building 20A, in Palo Alto, California 94304.  This is the same location where the event was held in 2016 and 2017.” And NonStop vendors, just a reminder – if you want Karen to cover topics of interest for you then let her know!

For our seriously technical audience we have NSGit explained now that it has been released. Randall Becker is the brains behind NSGit and also maintains the git port for NonStop H/J and L-series operating systems at ITUGLIB. Enjoy!

You can read about Striim’s CTO’s 18 predictions for 2018, in abbreviated form – if you are as fascinated as we were the full version can be found at

Pyalla Technologies, LLC, opens with “The marketplace for NonStop systems should now include pretty much every vertical imaginable. Talk with any member of the NonStop vendor community and talk quickly pivots to a broader discussion about who is using NonStop systems today and what could HPE be doing to attract more solutions vendors to NonStop.”

Separately, but on this same topic, in an email to us TSI CEO, Shawn Sabanawagam, chimed in, providing us this quote, for this editorial:

“New verticals for NonStop is a great topic. We have lost so many verticals over the past 15 years – how can we regain some of them or get into new verticals? What is HPE doing and what are partners doing to get NonStop into new verticals?

“Let’s start with one of the biggest we have lost recently. HEALTHCARE! NonStop was betting on GE Healthcare’s Centricity enterprise, which has now been EOL’d. What are they doing about supporting Epic, Cerner, McKesson other GE Centricity PAX Systems?

“We as a NonStop partner developed Storage Director and have integrated object storage which forms an IDEAL healthcare backup solution on premise and in hybrid cloud for healthcare applications. “And I did not mention, banking, credit card authorization, ATM transactions, stock exchanges / securities transactions, blockchain etc. etc.”

In HPE Corner you will find a very optimistic perspective on NonStop, the article ending with, “Someone at HPE clearly knows something and soon, very soon, I suspect we will all be ‘in on the plan’ and milestones on the NonStop product roadmaps will be profiled with even more intensity. NonStop from HPE! NonStop from third parties like Dell, Cisco, and the like! NonStop from VARs! And yes, NonStop from Microsoft, Google and Amazon – it’s all just another milestone about to happen!”

All of us are awaiting the market reaction to vNonStop, and we were pleased to read in EIT-NET submission this month “News is coming to us that there are NonStop users with BackBox who are planning to introduce vNS for development and testing and will also be using vBackBox and that is pleasing to hear – it isn’t a lot of NonStop users, mind you, but it represents a very good start where such a break from the past is involved.”

In the post to the LinkedIn blog, Pulse, NTI referenced a quote from Tim Dunne, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales, NTI. According to Dunne, “We have a lot of really good customers that many in the NonStop community know little about. But over the years we have built such a strong relationship with NonStop customers worldwide that it has prepared us well when it comes to accommodating all the changes coming from the HPE NonStop team and evolving technologies such as the Cloud and virtualized NonStop.”

DataExpress wants us all to know it is ready for the new world of rapid change at the HPE NonStop Development shop and tells us, “DataExpress is all about data and with ‘80% of the commercial world’s data’ owned by traditional enterprises where NonStop has a presence DataExpress plays an important role in ensuring data always ends up where it is needed. If you aren’t running a managed, secure, file transfer product today and rely on scripts and other utilities then the task of transforming your operations and migrating to DataExpress has become a lot easier.”

CSP talks about security hardening this month, which it describes as, “Hardening a system is not only relevant when trying to prevent potential breaches or insider attacks but also to avert ‘drift and decay’ of security settings that have already been implemented. Drift and decay occurs when security settings that had been applied in accordance with corporate and legal policies (baseline security) were changed over time and due to various reasons but were not reset to their intended values.  This means that a system that was once secure might now have vulnerabilities ranging from orphan files and orphan users to file and directory settings that are no longer compliant with policy.”

NonStop Insider shares with us what has been an underlying philosophy of its product development,“The importance of presenting critical information in graphical format has been a core component of our product development when it comes to NonStop monitoring. “

It was nice to see a submission this month from Andrew Price, Managing Director APJ of NuWave Technologies. Andrew assures us that “NuWave remains committed to NonStop and to ensuring NonStop plays well within the broader IT landscape. With as much talk as there is of late about transformation and transforming to hybrid IT, NuWave is committed to modernization and assisting customers with transformation in whatever form they require.”

I hope you enjoy this February 2018 issue of NonStop Insider and I hope to see even more submissions from you for our March issue.

Thank you,

Margo Holen
Managing Editor