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Issue 2.10 (July) Editorial


This month edition of the NonStop Insider brings you quite a few interesting reads – Steve Saltwick shares his journey into the deep learning – Steve shares:  “Prior to starting a high-tech career with Tandem Computers in 1982, I was a PhD student in the biopsychology department at the University of Texas at Austin. I studied brain mechanisms of learning and memory. It was an exciting time and we published significant research, but nobody (and I mean nobody) was getting a job. So, I left the lab, met Jimmy Treybig and had a blast for several decades.” Read more in the article by Steve – fascinating!

TSI’s Glenn Garrahan starts his article with:”I wonder how many readers of “The NonStop Insider” caught the premier of “This is AI” on the Discovery Channel June 22.” — see the theme developing here?

In the HPE RUG Events you will find an update on the Machine – discussed at the 2018 Discover in the key note presentation: “Perhaps the biggest news coming from that keynote was just how much work has been done with The Machine. Very much given a subdued position over the last couple of years, it was given the spotlight this year and for good reason, some of the key items underpinning The Machine project were beginning to surface in products you could buy today and indeed, there were testimonials from users like Travelport and Ford that drove home the value proposition of The Machine as these users had deployed Superdome Flex where the memory-driven computing model was seeing the light of day for the very first time.”

We expect to learn more about what the future holds while at the Partners Symposium in Palo Alto, CA held on July 9th. Some of the information will be shared under the nondisclosure, but some may be made public by HPE – let’s wait and see.

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Margo Holen
Managing Editor