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Issue 2.12 (September) Editorial


As we are about to park our RV (aka Pyalla Technologies’ Command Center) at the parking lot of the building where a DUST RUG meeting will commence this morning I’d like to open the Editorial with the thought Richard Buckle put out there in the promotion of this issue of the NonStop Insider. Richard wrote: “September represents a return to a heavy travel schedule for many members of the NonStop community. Did you ever stop to think how good it is to know that at any time in any place around the planet, there is a meeting being held or about to be held for all stakeholders of NonStop? It’s cool to think about it, actually, as the NonStop community not only still exists but continues to draw a crowd.” Later this month a BlockChain Community Forum will be held in New York – another forum for the NonStop community to get together and embrace new technologies.

As you will read in this month’s HPE: News from the very top: “It was good news all around following HPE’s release of its Q3, 2018, Financial Results” I encourage you to look through this article as it makes the HPE’s published financial results relevant to the NonStop community.

There are several interesting articles in this issue of the NonStop Insider – if one theme seems to be coming back it is the topic of hybrid IT. Be it clouds (OmniPayments), be it product offerings running on NonStop as well as Lynux or Windows (DataExpress, NTI, InfraSoft, IR Prognosis) it is very obvious that the NonStop vendors are not only diversifying but also looking to taking advantage of the hybrid IT configurations and are working to determine what is the best way to offer their products to customers running mixed environment of the computer systems.

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Thank you,

Margo Holen
Managing Editor