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Issue 2.8 (May) Editorial


In this May 2018 issue of the NonStop Insider you will read a very optimistic interview with the ETI-NET COO, Sylvain Tétreault: “For ETI-NET, the HPE’s introduction of the vNonStop and the vBackBox open new doors and new possibilities.  We are quite excited because we believe this new offering will maintain the dominant role of the NonStop but also we believe it will bring new customers and new applications on the NonStop.”

Read also EIT-NET article providing updates on new release of BackBox.

DataExpress makes all aware of the upcoming webinar: “The relationship DataExpress is enjoying with comforte is now such that we are putting the finishing touches to a webinar that will be given late May and following the upcoming major RUG events in London (BITUG) and Leipzig (GTUG).”

Striim also talks about an upcoming webinar “To highlight this new emphasis on integration and to illustrate how important it is for the NonStop community, there will be a webinar held on May 23 on this topic. The speakers on this occasion will include Striim CTO, Steve Wilkes, along with Pyalla Technologies CEO, Richard Buckle. In this presentation, you will learn how to quickly upgrade your data architecture by using streaming integration for your critical data sources running on HPE NonStop.”

Talking about the GTUG event organizers point out many educational opportunities and…“social events:“The lion doesn´t sleep tonight…..It´s Safari Time” is the motto of this year´s Vendor Reception in the Zoological Garden – expect an unusual evening!” Gravic points out in its article: “Gravic is co-sponsoring the Porsche factory excursion on 17 May. Attendees will visit the Porsche manufacturing plant – a NonStop user – in Leipzig. Participants will take a guided tour through the production lines where the cars are made to perfection, and then ride aside drivers in a Panamera or a comparable Porsche on a speedy racetrack. We hope to see you there!”  If you are still on a fence these attractions may persuade you to attend!

In the HPE Corner you will find several interesting observations, one that caught my eye is: “Anyone who follows HPE CEO Antonio Neri on Twitter will know that over a very short period of time Neri visited the developers in India, the partners in Switzerland, the startups that are part of the Pathfinder program and then university students in Houston. Antonio Neri is making a big break with the past and actually taking the time to listen to a variety of communities and this personal touch is winning him accolades across the board.”

HPE: from the very top examines the progress HPE has made since the change at the helm: “… igniting the innovation engine, strengthening the leadership team (as well as reinvigorating the culture), and making that all-important pivot back to partners well, they may not be as well known to the NonStop community. But indeed, that’s what HPE has done in these six months.”

Reading NTI article you may be surprised to find out that “… NTI’s product, DRNet®, is an abbreviation for Data Resource Network” The NTI goes on saying: “DRNet®is all about networking data resources and while in the past this property of DRNet®has helped NTI address the all-important issue of disaster avoidance, it is critical to recognize just how valuable a role DRNet®can play in future data integration projects.”

OmniPayments article points out that “It hasn’t just been the NonStop community events that OmniPayments has been supporting this year. It is the goal of OmniPayments to be more widely recognized across the payments industry. Financial Institutions gravitate to events where solutions addressing their needs are highlighted and so this year, OmniPayments has made sure events like the ATMIA US Conference as well as the MONEY 20/20 events receive the OmniPayments attention.”

Pyalla Technologies writes about embracing change: “While change may be worrisome to some, I welcome change. At first, what HPE is doing with NonStop may seem strange but in reality, it was a necessity. In the world HPE envisions for hybrid IT, these changes to NonStop are going a long way to ensure its ongoing relevance and for the NonStop community, to see that eventuate, won’t be strange at all for all!”

And then you have an article from Tributary Systems where author, Glenn Garrahan, Director HPE Business, Tributary Systems, writes about his passion for cars and says: “Now on to NonStop – it is amazing to me that the same kind of enthusiasm many have for automobiles is shared by thousands of folks worldwide (mostly customers!) for an over 40 year old computer platform that is nearly unknown, unless there’s the rare outage, to the general public. Yet, when I bought my first Dodge back in 1978, NonStop servers were already deployed, protecting mission critical data.”

Tributary Systems Chairman and CEO, Shawn Sabanayagam, let us know that Tributary is ready to promote the new product, all-in-one, multi-platform OBJECT STORAGE based backup and archive solution that integrates IBM technology. Shawn says: “There are literally no other object based backup/archive solution like ours on the market.  We bring unique value to NonStop customers.”

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Margo Holen
Managing Editor