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Issue 3.5 Editorial (February ’19)


The social media seem to be playing increasingly important role in our lives. We see heads of companies (and heads of states) taking to Twitter, LinkedIn and even Facebook on occasion! These instantaneous, seemingly uncensored communications sure is fun! There were two interesting posts that appeared last week on LinkedIn that found their way into opinion columns in this February, 2019, issue of NonStop Insider. The first continues to build out the story line for The Machine. In a post to LinkedIn, Kirk Bresniker, Hewlett Packard Labs Chief Architect / HPE Fellow / VP at HPE writes of how he had, “Just read the solid write up from 451 Research on our Memory-Driven Computing (MDC) work. I really appreciate their analysis of not just the work but also how in fits into the full scope of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.” Check out the February issue of NonStop Insider and look for the column, Social Media Round-Up [February, 2019].

The second post that influenced a separate opinion column appearing in the February, 2019, issue of NonStop Insider also appeared on LinkedIn as it did on twitter. It featured HPE CEO Antonio Neri who was interviewed at the Davos World Economic Forum by Kevin Sneader who serves as the global managing partner of McKinsey & Company. Check out the column, HPE: News from the very top …

In this February 2019 issue of the NonStop Insider you will read about face-to-face meetings taking place around the world – user and vendor communities enjoy these exchanges and find them very useful. You will also see the interest in making users’ migration to the new NonStop x and vNonStop as easy as possible.

Of course, too, there were a number of references to upcoming RUG events with the first really big RUG event kicking off in sunny Florida very soon – will you be going? But then we are seeing more interest surrounding Boot Camp so much so that eBITUG just announced that they were rebranding this major European community event as ETBC (European Technical Boot Camp), hosted by BITUG. This is encouraging to see as these events are where you really get to see the product roadmaps as well as to interact with those product managers responsibility for their creation.

I hope you will enjoy this month’s publication and of course if you would like to see a question included in the next issue of the NonStop Insider or you have any comments you would like to see published, don’t hesitate to send an email to me, at:

Thank you,

Margo Holen
Managing Editor