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Issue 4.3 Editorial


As has become our tradition, this final 2019 issue of the NonStop Insider looks back at the past year and most of the articles summarize the major accomplishments.

Overall there is an enthusiasm and hope for 2020. I am seeing that some concepts, like Hybrid IT, get a lot of attention and quite a bit of interpretation. See for yourself! There is a lot progress on the Hybrid IT front, and yet not everyone interprets this concept in the same way!

NextBridge talks about making NSGit available for the IBM environment: “… And on October 1st we took delivery, virtually, of our z/OS machine. Still driven a lot by heroics, we now have NSGit supporting MVS. It’s called Ingot/MVS if you’re interested and its customer ready. But the kicker is that both remaining major silos in information technology can now be fully integrated into the rest of the world.”

TSI also talks about getting over the silos: “Simply put, Storage Director is the most straightforward and best way to connect any NonStop server to any storage device or the Cloud (Public or Private). Storage Director provides for secure and high-performance Backup/ Restore operations at the lowest cost. Why continue with “silo” thinking for backup infrastructure, while HPE NonStop is moving forward with hardware agnostic processors?”

Pyalla Technologies, LLC., takes this view on Hybrid IT “HPE has divided the IT world into two – the core or cloud and the edge. It is also pulling together the pieces to support seamless transition between all elements making up the core more often than not labeled as Hybrid IT. HPE is also championing ‘everything-as-a-Service’ or XaaS even as it is also championing everything available at the core will be available at the edge. When considering whether NonStop is still playing catch-up vis-à-vis the transformation from traditional to virtual and from core to edge and of the future of OLTP in support of mission critical applications it’s worth noting that the journey for NonStop is only just beginning.”

In the HP sales opinion article you will see a short video by Steve Kubick that illustrates his point: “So often we hear the message of Hybrid IT and of transforming to Hybrid IT that its effect on us and on our take on NonStop is nothing more than background noise. And yet it is real and it is driving business outcomes at enterprises around the planet. “

NTI article is very upbeat on NonStop participation in the Hybrid IT – “If there had been any concern among stakeholders within the NonStop community, they were put to rest – HPE is investing in NonStop and NonStop will be playing an important role in delivering on HPE’s promise of Hybrid IT and on XaaS, “Everything-as-a-Service.” For NTI, it’s a reinvigoration, where the NonStop teams overall enthusiasm is in turn fueling NTI’s enthusiasm to the extent that in 2019 NTI proudly unveiled its vision and strategy for DRNet® and supported the messages associated with its stated vision and strategy by delivering product into the marketplace.”

Striim offers yet another perspective on Hybrid IT “We have written about Striim features that not only support enterprises that want to move quickly to cloud environments but require a fallback and indeed a contingency plan should their migration to the cloud involve many steps. In this article, Striim Introduces Bi-Directional Server for Data Modernization in Hybrid Cloud Deployments, reference is made to the new enhancements in Striim Release 3.9.7 to better accommodate Google Spanner, Azure Synapse, Azure Cosmos DB, MySQL and MariaDB.”

There is a lot more in this issue of the NonStop Insider, I hope you will enjoy this December 2019 issue and if you would like to see a question included in the next issue of the NonStop Insider or you have any comments you would like to see published, don’t hesitate to send an email to me, at:

Thank you,

Margo Holen
Managing Editor