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Issue 4.5 Editorial


I was musing on how new acronyms continue to sneak into our language, particularly when related to IT as I was preparing to write this editorial.  This was brought about as I read the submission to this February 2020 issue of the NonStop Insider that came from Glenn Garrahan, Director HPE Business, TSI.

Glenn begins with: “Every endeavor, including the Enterprise Computing Industry, has its own unique set of acronyms. Yet, until about a month or so ago, I’d never heard of the acronym PBBA. So off to Google, where I discovered PBBA means Purpose Built Backup Appliance…how about that?”

I have to admit it took a lot of discipline to keep reading rather than going straight to Google! I was rewarded (and you will be too) with the excellent explanation – read it! Glenn concludes: “This sounds like an unattainable dream… Does such a PBBA even exist? And for all NonStop Servers?  Why, yes it does! And it is called Storage Director!”

I hope you are curious now!

Another acronym that just keeps on popping up is “DevOps”. We will not disappoint you – read an article from Paragon, the first of the three series: “In this three-part blog series, we share a Q&A session with Mark Medlin, Paragon’s chief technology officer and co-founder, and Eric Bergemann, Paragon’s director of product development. The two discuss the industry’s transition to DevOps and continuous testing and deployment, and why this shift is a strategic imperative. Over the next three weeks, the conversation will cover what Paragon is seeing in our clients’ journeys to DevOps, common challenges organizations face and tips for how to overcome them, and the importance of testing.”

At the end of this post Paragon promises more to come: In the next post, we’ll look more closely at why Continuous Testing is a critical component of a successful DevOps implementation and consider some of the issues associated with legacy application environments.”

Also, Randall Becker talks about DevOps and of some nightmare scenarios – you need to read this one! It starts on a very positive note: “DevOps and DevSecOps have been hot topics for the past few years with good reason. Putting a sound architecture for Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Testing (CT), and Continuous Deployment (CD) pays off very clearly in reducing time to market, improving auditability, and reducing error rates. DevOps lets all stakeholders essentially speak the same language using the same technology in the pipeline. Operations gets the benefit of what Development does, and vice-versa; which also includes anyone in between.”

Another topic you may enjoy – marketing of NonStop by HPE!

In the HPE corner you will be please to read about what we all were asking for – for years! Marketing of the NonStop! For real!

“Of late, this has begun to happen as the Mission Critical Systems (MCS) marketing team has begun promoting NonStop. First, we had videos being created and last month, the current three videos were highlighted. Have you seen the latest video featuring virtualization –



Youtube url

Yes, they are now uploaded to YouTube for ease of reference in addition to being accessible on the HPE web site and if providing videos wasn’t enough incentive to scrutinize the potential for NonStop in this new age of virtualization, MCS marketing has now taken to blogging and just this past week, MCS Marketing Manager, Vikas Kapoor, posted the following to the HPE Blog –

This apparently is just the beginning as MCS Marketing will now be blogging on a regular basis – welcome to the world of social media where it all happens in real time!”

I hope you will enjoy this February 2020 edition of the NonStop Insider!

Let me know if you have any comments, questions or critique!

Margo Holen, Managing Editor