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Issue 4.8 Editorial


editorial may 2020

I guess when things are out of your control and others are directing you to behave a certain way, as is the case with the Covid-19 here in the USA, you try to grab at any semblance of regaining control.

As CSP points out in its article this month; “We have all been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak in some way. Whether it’s unexpectedly switching to a work-from-home environment, canceling vacation plans or business trips, or having to relearn algebra, we’ve all experienced extraordinary changes in our daily lives. “

Pyalla Technologies says: “Event cancellations continue to dominate the calendar and as of now, about all that is still out there, just over the horizon, is the NonStop Technical Boot Camp. Think it may be the very first time the community gets together in almost a year? Are you making plans to attend? I know that HPE has its collective fingers crossed hoping that all will go to plan.

As for HPE’s big-tent marketing event, HPE Discover, the official news broke just a short time ago; HPE Discover 2020 is going virtual! Not sure how this will pan out but better minds than ours are already hard at work figuring out how best to put a meaningful show together in a manner that still attracts thousands of participants.”

In the article by Ascert you will read: “Planning is a critical component almost anything in life. Like anything that you desire to do well, planning gives you a roadmap to follow and to measure by. Professional software testers always have a process, or a system of steps, or test cases, that they perform to ensure that the code operates as designed. Letting things fly without testing is like diving headfirst into the shallow end of the pool.”

In the HPE Corner you will read about HPE’s reaction to the pandemic: “The HPE web site home page featured dramatic graphics in support of the attention HPE is paying to this outbreak which falls into a number of categories. From helpful financial assistance to beneficial network upgrades to access to High Performance Computing (HPC) Cray systems for research to access to HPE staff versatile in data analytics, artificial intelligence and even virtual reality. All for the purpose of helping address this global pandemic.“

HPE NonStop Sales team member Steve Kubick’s insights firmly assert that with NonStop we are indeed in control: “When it comes to availability we measure it as being five nines (of availability) – three seconds of downtime a year. When it comes to maintenance or planned downtime, NonStop does that on the fly – all those things you need to do to maintain a system (can be) done online. Without an outage: NonStop delivers AL4 uptime. And it does this while still providing a level of scalability that delivers 98% of each added processor resource (up to 4080 processors) – all in a single system image.”

In Social Media Round-up you will read: “The first place you should turn to each month is the HPE Community blog. This month it features the latest post by HPE Mission Critical Systems (MCS)’ own Karen Copeland. Leading the HPE NonStop product management team, Karen’s topic this time just happened to hit very close to home for all members of the NonStop community, Unplanned downtime and outages can happen. But not with HPE NonStop.

So I guess in this world of uncertainty we still can hold to some basics that makes us feel a tad better about regaining control. Even as we contemplate the “new normal” and anticipate much in our world will change, the data we collect is giving us confidence that we will come through this time of great turmoil. There still are things you can count on, and NonStop system not stopping is one of them!

I hope you will enjoy this May 2020 issue and if you would like to see a question included in the next issue of the NonStop Insider or you have any comments you would like to see published, don’t hesitate to send an email to me, at:

Thank you,

Margo Holen Managing Editor