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Issue 5.10 Editorial


HPE Discover 2021 Virtual Experience was surely the highlight of the month of June – for the NonStop community you will read in the Lusis’ article that: “Lusis is proud to partner with HPE to offer a new solution, HPE GreenLake for Retail Payment Systems. With this solution, customers benefit from the benefits of Lusis TANGO – complete payment solutions, pay per transaction, a platform that supports contactless payments, and easy to maintain compliance – all with the cloud experience. This builds on the momentum and market footprint for the HPE GreenLake cloud platform which today serves hundreds of banks and financial institutions around the world.”

The BTUG virtual Little SIG attracted 80 attendees and the topic of GreenLake was right there as well: “The recent news about GreenLake, NonStop and Lusis was covered as well and this was well received by the community. It is the HPE NonStop team’s first success working with a partner in support of the GreenLake – A Cloud-Native Platform To Run Multiple Workloads – and being able to have a payments solution participating in GreenLake interested many of the attendees.”

There is more on the topic of NonStop and clouds – in an ETI article you will find a conclusion: “It’s important to note that with BackBox/QoreStor, ETI-NET is indeed opening the door to better ways of exploiting clouds that are beneficial to all NonStop users.”

Not surprisingly, IR also embraces clouds: “When it comes to tapping the resources needed to perform analytics,” said Pearson, “the elasticity of clouds lends itself to supporting the vast amounts of data that analytic models need. And Prognosis is now positioned to help not just NonStop but all those providing financial payments solutions. … Deploy Prognosis any way you want that best meets your needs but know that there is a cloud offering at hand should that prove advantageous to your enterprise.”

In the NTI article you will find an interesting observation: “Our big take away from the HPE event was the prominence of GreenLake in everything HPE did – its new products and platforms were all in support of GreenLake. It will continue to provide an alternate path to building out your data center with your own servers but it is now very much central to everything HPE is funding.”

Pyalla Technologies’ article may be a good overview of the HPE Discover event as well as it was the first post-pandemic in-person event ATMIA 2021. “As for HPE Discover 2021 which we attended virtually, it was all about GreenLake, Lighthouse, Aurora and more. But to read all about what HPE said, check out the HPE Update included in this latest issue of NonStop Insider. Bottom line? Entering the third year of the three year program HPE CEO Antonio Neri refers to as entering the Age of Insight meant the message was heavy on accomplishments to date but even so, the final pieces seem to be falling into place to ensure that HPE delivers on its commitment to becoming a world leading edge to clouds Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) company. “

TANDSoft introduces v3 of its FS Compare and Restore product – read the article if you seek speed!  “Whereas other NonStop comparison products compare source and target files at the record-to-record level, FS Compare and Repair compares source and target files via blocks– it addresses data discrepancies not only between “apples-to-apples” source and target databases but also between “apples-to-bananas” source and target databases. It allows HPE NonStop customers to compare any of their database files regardless of physical file structure.“

I liked how TCM explained the strength of their services offering: “We may not think about it all that much but when it comes to IT and to HPE NonStop systems, IT professionals develop muscle memory, over time – we equate it with skill sets – a problem arises and IT professionals respond without a moment’s hesitation. They have seen it before and know the steps that need to be taken to minimize any potential dangers..”

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Margo Holen
Managing Editor