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Issue 5.2 Editorial


This 50th issue of the NonStop Insider is very firmly focused on the upcoming virtual NonStop Boot Camp, now rebranded as The NonStop All Digital Experience. I am highlighting the participants here – for details about their talks at the event take time to read their articles. You will find more information, including date and time and synopsis of the presentations.

In the HPE Technologist opinion Justin Simonds, Master Technologist at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, tells us about the talks he will be giving at the virtual 2020 Nonstop Technical Boot Camp. If you wonder why I am starting this editorial with Justin’s article… well, among other things, he said: ”I recommend a dinner with Richard and Margo very highly along with a bottle of appropriately aged Silver Oak.”

Seriously, Justin will be giving 3 talks, at 30 minutes, 45 minutes and a full 60 minutes talk. “I discuss multidimensional scalability that is available on NonStop and then discuss the Covid-19 customer event concerning the processing and delivery of United States unemployment checks.“  Then “I do have a Healthcare talk which is entitled ‘Helping to fight Covid-19’” and finally “I have a talk on what I’m calling the Artificial Intelligent Driven Enterprise or AIDE”. Read the article as Justin give background information about his talks – fascinating!

“CSP is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor of the 2020 NonStop Technical Boot CampEven though this year’s edition will be a virtual experience, we are very excited to show the NonStop community what we have been developing.”

CSP’s General Manager, Henry Fonseca, will show you how to effectively secure your NonStop systems with three of our most comprehensive tools, Passport, Verify Elite, and Authenticator+, during his presentation Passport to Compliance.“

ETI-NET vendor presentation “Introducing BackBox Secondary Storage – New Release 4.09” will be given by Fernand Lussier, CTO ETI-NET. ETI-NET will also be participating in developer chairs as well providing a training session on the Thursday of the event.

Gravic will have several presentations (see the article describing them all) with Vendor Theater talk “HPE Shadowbase Mission-Critical Use Case Solutions and Product News”

“Insider Technologies is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor at the NonStop Technical Boot Camp 2020.” And “At TBC 2020 we show you how SCOBOL becomes HTML 5 in real time!”

The IR team will be presenting  “Real-time, Proactive Insight Across NonStop, Application and Payment Ecosystems with IR Prognosis”. In the IR article you will find more information, “this session presented by industry experts – Jim Bowers, IR Payments & Infrastructure Solution Engineer, and Jack van Meel, IR Customer Success Manager.”

Lusis article also talks about its presentation at the TBC 2020, “Today’s Payments Market: Creating Opportunities from Challenges”.

NTI said: “For this upcoming virtual TBC we have turned to Richard Buckle of Pyalla Technologies, LLC to give the presentation on NTI.” The presentation is titled “From replication to distribution, integration and transformation; NTI is putting data first”

Richard Buckle will also be giving Pyalla’s talk, sponsored by HPE: “The ABCs of NonStop TCO”

TANDsoft is also writing about its participation in the TBC 2020:TANDsoft is a silver sponsor of this global event, and will be talking about their blazing fast solution, FS Compare and Repair. Make sure you take time to participate in the popular NonStop Beer Bust – Virtual Edition.  TANDsoft’s video introduction to Canadian beers will have you in hysterics.”

Well, talking about videos – available now!

HPE Account Executive Steve Kubick created yet another NonStop video. Read about it in the PPE sales opinion article – here is a conclusion: “This latest video, simply called Special Sauce is now accessible on YouTube and is a must-view as we head into this year’s NonStop Technical Boot Camp”

In the HPE NonStop SQL article you will find information about technical videos:

“In the last issue of the NonStop Insider the first video on NonStop SQL/MX recorded by Frans Jongma, Master Technologist at HPE was a highlight. Frans has now added four more videos and you can view them by following these links so make sure you read his article for updates on where to go to see them all!

There is a lot to read in this 50th issue of the NonStop Insider. I hope you will enjoy it and I hope you will register for the virtual TBC, now rebranded The NonStop All Digital Experience. Free registrations are being accepted. Don’t forget to register!

If you would like to see a question included in the next issue of the NonStop Insider or you have any comments you would like to see published, don’t hesitate to send an email to me, at:

Thank you,

Margo Holen
Managing Editor