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Issue 5.6 Editorial


There have been quite a few disasters of late in the USA, not the least a power failure in the state of Texas. I think you will find it interesting how Craig Lawrence found a way to show that in the world of Nonstop things like that just do not happen! Read the article, it ends with this conclusion: “Now with all of this in mind, imagine if you can this scenario: NonStop Systems are deliberately affected by conditions that eventually brought Texas to a grinding halt. No replication was in place so no processing could continue – Fault tolerant, yes to a degree. Disaster tolerant, no.

In the NonStop world, downtime is such a foreign concept to us, that when events like this happen, we roll our eyes in disbelief.  There is yet a world of nonbelievers still to convert to NonStop.”

CSP explains the latest disaster of hackers getting access to the Microsoft Exchange servers and explains that multifactor authentication in place could have prevented that from happening. NonStop users have an option of using CSP solution: “CSP Authenticator+ can provide authentication services via Safeguard Authentication SEEP, or Pathway and Non-Pathway servers. Almost any application, including TACL, can now easily support multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Authentication methods such as RADIUS, RSA Cloud, Active Directory, and Open LDAP are supported. Additional authentication methods include RSA SecurID, Email, Text Message, and Google Authenticator. You can now enable MFA logins for different applications, making them more secure! “

ETI explains the difference between replication and back up of data and makes us aware of the new release of the BackBox, E4.09: “Backup and replication are indeed quite different, based on the need for both long term protection of data as distinct from having the ability to swap to alternate processing sites, and with this partnership with Quest, ETI-NET is promoting a new price point for even the largest requirements of a NonStop user for data backup. For those customers of ETI-NET that have already deployed BB, a new release is now available from ETI-NET. With BB Version E4.09 support of QoreStor™ has been included and is one of many updates included with this release”

In the HPE corner you will find a summary of the latest HPE financial results just release for fiscal  first quarter 2021! “First up, it was clear from the opening paragraphs that HPE CEO Antonio Neri was pleased with the results. However, it was also very clear that the revenue transformation under way at HPE needed further explanation – the stated mission to become a world-leading edge to cloud platform as a service company meant that there would be some impact to the bottom line as the company moved to a pay-as-you go financial model with GreenLake. At least, during the transition, but again, nothing that anyone who has been involved with a predominantly software-based company hasn’t experienced before.”

The interesting article by Frans Jongma exploring the concept of ease of use as it pertains to the SQL/MX DBS: “With SQL/MX DBS, the aim is to bring the NonStop SQL database to users without the requirement for them to first learn the details of a NonStop system. The use of standards such as ANSI SQL and common industry standards such as ODBC and JDBC, but also database compatibility features such as PL/MX and Oracle data types and functions have already made working with NonStop so much easier to use.”

IR talks about its web site evolving and “If this proves to be a prompt to check out our web site then it’s equally as important to understand our vision: Creating clarity and insight in a world of connected devices. It’s right there on the home page and for the NonStop community where the presence of NonStop systems within an enterprise data center is more often than not one of many systems, all connected. Whether you view your NonStop system as a front-end to mission critical Transaction Processor as we find with many financial institutions or as a back end Database Server accessible through industry-standard SQL calls, Prognosis provides clarity and insight.”

NTI explores simple messaging when it comes to communicating the value of the product or solution and asserts: “NTI has a story that is often overlooked, but is one that can be expressed quite simply, no hyperbole or grandiose prose needed. When it comes to data replication, NTI was the first NonStop vendor to market even as it pioneered the use of Change Data Capture methodologies that supported TMF and non-TMF protected database and files to be replicated. One product, one technology giving us one all-inclusive solution!”

Striim talks about the value it provides to customers and when it comes to NonStop: “The opportunities to leverage fresh data as it’s created on NonStop from the transactions processed in real time are many. And there are more targets on the way as more businesses turn to Striim for all their data integration needs. ‘We have enjoyed a long relationship with the NonStop community,’ said Striim Cofounder and Executive Vice President, Sami Akbay. ‘For a number of us this relationship dates back to before we founded Striim. We know NonStop and we know the value of the data created on NonStop and the NonStop customers we have today represent a strong endorsement on the value we provide.’”

TCM explores the challenges facing NonStop customers who are trying to fit into the new world of different technologies while still supporting existing business applications: “We are on a journey that is taking us from the information age to the age of insight and all the while, we are left working on current business solutions on which our enterprises rely to stay in business. All the while, NonStop customers are left wondering, who are they going to call?”

Then TCM concludes with: “The strength of TCM lies in the experience already gained together with the knowledge of who to call upon for help with your unique situation. With an expanding presence around the planet, there is rarely a situation involving NonStop that we cannot help address. TCM has consistently proven itself as being adept at problem solving even as it is fully aware that there are occasions where the introduction of NonStop may in fact appear to be complicating the situation. “

There are many other articles as well in this issue of NonStop Insider and we hope you will enjoy reading them all!

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Margo Holen
Managing Editor