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Issue 5.9 Editorial


You might say the timing couldn’t have been better. With the HPE Discover 2021 Virtual Experience just around the corner it’s not surprising to read numerous references being made to this big-tent HPE event. Unfortunately my husband Richard Buckle and I will be out of our office. Surprised? We will be in Las Vegas at the ATM Industry Association (ATMIA) US conference – our first in-person event of the year. Arriving early we will make sure we are a participant in this ATM event but it seems surreal that we will be dialing as well into a major event that is being held “virtually” while attending another in-person.

Reviewing the submissions received this month we found that there were references to services, solutions and products – all providing further insight into how each of us is responding to what is now appearing more likely than not a substantial shift back to a kind of normalcy. Are you ready to get back to work along traditional lines? As we talk among ourselves, I suspect that this will generate a mixed response.

Back to HPE Discover. If you want to know why you should register and sit in on some of the presentations, it is Justin Simonds who opens with a number of reasons why participation is of importance this year. According to Justin, Master Technologist at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, “NonStop customers may think that this is all just the larger company stuff but I would encourage them to attend with a view toward integration and synergies with NonStop.  HPE is doing some great things and some can take advantage of NonStop capabilities.”

Enough said, right? Want to know more of what appeals to Justin? “Mary Barra the CEO of GM will be speaking on the transition from being an automobile manufacturer to a technology company” and yes, “Bob Lecher the Chief Data Officer (CDO) from Fidelity will be speaking.” If you want to know more about what makes a CDO, then you will just have to tune into the event.

As foe services and the views of a major NonStop services provider, it is our good friends at TCM that highlight how even today, “we realize we are not just another partner working with the customer but rather, an independent source of expertise that otherwise might be hard to find. Just as your NonStop team may not know the application well so too your solutions provider may not be current on everything that comes with today’s NonStop system.” So many products, so many partners and so many interfaces – isn’t it good to read that major services providers like TCM are stepping up to ensure it all works seamlessly?

At this point I sincerely thank Richard who took the time to read through the news releases, interviews and presentation to financial analysts that followed HPE announcing their Q2, 2021 financial results. I am sure I can speak for others when I say that this is not at the top of my “must read” list. But, as Richard reports, “What does this tell us? What continues to stand out is that HPE is growing the business even as it adds a new way of doing business. It is hard to ignore how HPE is in its second year of a three year pivot to where its product portfolio will be offered not just along traditional CapEx lines but alternatively, made available on the basis of as-a-Service, OpEx lines.”

You will see another video from HPE Steve Kubick even as you will read another commentary by Craig Lawrance as he looks at recent attacks on ATMS. Craig highlights the value proposition of OmniPayments but just as importantly, turn to the Lusis update to read the interview with their US General Manager, Brian Miller. “At Lusis, it boils down to this. We don’t care what transaction processing system you had. We want to hear about what functionalities you want for the present and the future. With TANGO, we can build whatever you need with scalability for any of your future needs as well.”

Solutions sell NonStop. Always have and always will. But when it comes to products, in this issue you will read about the effort NTI has made to bring you DRNet®/Unified. Want to know more? “The introduction of DRNet®/Unified reflects our intent to be the “one source from which to acquire proven data replication and integration technology.” NTI has been clear with its messaging. NTI is all about data – your data.

Partnerships continue to play an important role among NonStop vendors. Perhaps the latest to step up to partnerships is TANDsoft. According to TANDsoft’s Jack Di Giacomo “FS Compare and Repair is a prominent inclusion in NetWork Technologies International, Inc.’s (NTI) new DRNet® Unified, with partners NTI and TANDsoft offering a robust, proof-of-concept alternative to today’s replication solutions.” According to Jack “TANDsoft and NTI’s partnership has evolved over time into a relationship that allows our individual products to support each other as a comprehensive technology up-porting a unified solution.”

But wait; there is more … but you will have to dive into this latest issue to read all of the articles! And as always if you would like to see a question included in the next issue of the NonStop Insider or you have any comments you would like to see published, don’t hesitate to send an email to me, at:

Thank you,

Margo Holen
Managing Editor