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Issue 6.2 Editorial


The year 2021 is coming to an end, and as everybody does in December we are taking a look at the events and trends that defined the year for us.

Certainly TBC 2021 and a series of announcements about the strengthening of the partnership between HPE and independent vendors working in the NonStop space proved newsworthy and led to many conversations within the NonStop community!

From 4tech you will read: “For over a decade 4tech Software Limited (4tech) has been a Business, Alliance and Technology partner with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). Today we’re pleased to share news of a strengthening of that partnership by announcing HPE as our primary global sales, distribution and support partner.”

From ETI: “ETI-NET is announcing the availability of C-Deep focused on providing a tool to those NonStop users running BASE24™ Classic who want to gain that deeper view of ACI’s payments solution. However, it is not just for BASE24™ Classic, as it can be readily customized to work with any major payment engine through the professional services as provided by the PointNext team. C-Deep for HPE NonStop is available now from HPE for evaluation and purchase; through the partnership with ETI-NET, HPE will include this latest ETI-NET product on the HPE NonStop price book.”

Sometimes the close partnership happens almost by chance. ITUGLIB article by Randall S. Becker, ITUGLIB Technical Committee, explains how the team got deeply involved: “Our team was told that GMAKE is under limited support and the call to DEBUG we hit was going to stick around. Like all good DevOps people, I worked around it. Six months later, Bill Honaker, our Chair, got a message from NED suggesting that ITUGLIB could take over support for GMAKE fixes and enhancements. A year after that, after getting the appropriate approvals and clearances, we were ready to go.”

Of course it is not only HPE – vendors partnerships, it is also individual vendor’s forming their own circle of partners! In the NTI article you will read: “To better assist NTI in meeting the needs of our NonStop customers we are expanding our ecosystem of partners attracting TANDsoft for product, Concerto for geo-specific international sales and support and Pyalla Technologies with its marketing skills into our newly formed “friends and family” program.”

Some cooperative efforts happen when NonStop customers identify a need for a solution that can coexist with other vendors’ software already installed on their systems. Such was the case you will read about in the TANDsoft article: “Customers requiring timely comparison of their very large files now can take advantage of TANDsoft’s cooperative license for users of GoldenGate Veridata and Shadowbase Compare. The license model allows such customers to take advantage of all FS Compare and Repair benefits at an extremely attractive price.”

Also you will see the partnerships between NonStop users and independent consultants. In the Pyalla article Richard Buckle pints out: “It is the independent NonStop consultant that will likely know more about virtual NonStop (vNS) and VMware or vNS as part of Azure and much more. As for the journey NonStop SQL is on then well, there are no limits to how imaginative we can become with ways to capitalize on a true 24 x 7 database implementation.”

TCM takes the consultancy assistance to a new level: “With many NonStop users relying heavily on small teams (sometimes of 1!) to support their critical systems, we anticipated this vulnerability may be exposed when having to contend with a virus that could decimate even the most robust workforce. Thus, TCM started to roll out a short-notice, quick-fire backup resourcing service, left to run in the background, but ready to jump in and assist if ever key people became unavailable. We intend to continue to offer this option to NonStop users for the foreseeable future as the benefits of on-demand, highly skilled NonStop support services are clearly visible.”

The 2021 can be described as a year of mostly virtual meetings, working from home and coming up with new and creative ideas. Please take a look at the articles you will find in this December 2021 issue – they are informative and entertaining!

As always if you would like to see a question included in the next issue of the NonStop Insider or you have any comments you would like to see published, don’t hesitate to send an email to me, at:

Thank you,

Margo Holen
Managing Editor