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Issue 7.2 Editorial


Editorial December 2022

End of the year approaches – we have completed the in-person NonStop Technical Boot Camp, TBC 2022, as well as the BTUG Little Sig meeting in London.

Gravic summarized the TBC22 experience with “The TBC offered the welcome chance to meet new faces, reconnect with existing ones, and get a glimpse into the latest and greatest advancements in the HPE NonStop world. Sessions included dozens of technical breakouts, vendor theaters, and numerous developer chats and in-booth demos.”

Lusis commented: “As a final thought, what really stood out to me at this latest boot camp were the partnerships that are taking place between vendors and HPE.  As the saying goes there is strength in numbers and I think this is a reflection of those growing partnerships, while at the same time retaining what makes each company special in what they focus on.”

NTI, too, is strong on partnerships: “It was just as hard to miss our support of the NonStop vendor community as we unveiled our growing NonStop vendors’ ecosystem. Spanning the mix of selling partner products to tapping the expertise of other products complementary to DRNet®/Unified to where numerous services vendors have come aboard, NTI remains focused on our core competencies. With elements of an independent software stack beginning to take shape, customers of NonStop are being presented with real alternative solution offerings that may have otherwise not been as prominently highlighted on the radar screens of this segment of the NonStop community.”

In a Striim article you will read about Striim’s presentation at the TBC22 and also about the views of Paul Denzinger, Distinguished Technologist – Database Technology, HPE: “What the NonStop team were impressed by was one other aspect of Striim.  ‘Developing apps using Striim’s app designer requires no programming,’ said Paul. What the NonStop team is keen to point out to the NonStop community is how out of the box, ‘Striim does the hard part of creating the adapters leaving the NonStop user to simply focus on the data flows and transformations / analytics.’  Having said that and with Striim’s approach to app development being more like app assembly – using drag & drop ‘widgets’ – real apps can be’created and then deployed on NonStop in minutes rather than hours or days,’ said Paul.”

In the ETI article you will see further references made to the success of the TBC 2022 “Perhaps one of the more significant aspects contributing to our view of this event as being successful was the sight of so many NonStop vendors staying to the very end of the show. There were no early tear-down of tabletops and stands and this led to a continued stream of members of the NonStop community to the very end and might we add that with our location near to the tables set up for luncheons, there were times when the only competition we faced was from the culinary staff!” and then “When it came to the serious side of the event where deep dives into our products followed”

Richard Buckle provides an update on the inaugural meeting of the Connect Tech Forum: Business Integration and Analysis at TBC22. Talking about the focus of the discussions he says: “However, when it came to discussing one scenario to help focus the dialogue, the subject of human trafficking was raised. This topic was a subject of the presentation first given at CTUG this year and then again at NonStopTBC22 by Justin Simonds, HPE Master Technologist, where Justin pointed out that NonStop might play an important role. After all, it was always going to be a case of follow-the-money and in that regard, the majority of financial transactions flow through at least one NonStop system.”

Read the BTUG summary article – it starts with “The BITUG Little SIG was held at Barclays Bank Canary Wharf on Thursday 8th December 2022. As with all Little SIGs it was a single track event over one day with a mix on Partners and HPE presenting. It was a chance to highlight some of the topics discussed at the recent NonStop Technical Boot Camp. The audience was around 1/3 customers, 1/3 vendors and 1/3 HPE and the discussions were lively and engaging.”

Craig Lawrence then follows with his experience presenting at the BTUG Little Sig on behalf of NTI: “NTI introduced the partnerships and ecosystems that they are developing; this ecosystem story also includes many companies who collectively want to reinforce the power of software companies over historic hardware providers, so security providers, application services providers, plus marketing providers which all orbit the NTI world were also illustrated.”

Craig also wrote the OmniPay article and the topic is a virtual card. Craig closes with: “For NonStop Users who once front-ended the IBM Mainframe to talk with ATMs and thought they now owned the new world, the lesson is clear.  As some point everything gets front-ended or replaced with something better or indeed something shinier.  Beware. We have to keep re-inventing NonStop Payments, otherwise we too could easily become reptilian”

There are a few articles focused on the HPE as a company.

Steven Burke, a CRN writer who is focused on HPE, says “Those partners continuing to look at Hewlett Packard Enterprise as a hardware manufacturer with a broad and deep compute, storage and networking portfolio are missing the boat.”

The HPE Community Blog addresses modernization: “In his post, Vikas Kapoor quotes Sridhar Neelakantan, NonStop product manager responsible for middleware, languages and tools. For Sridhar, ‘A perception of what it means to be modern is deeply embedded in the mindset of IT professionals today. NonStop development priorities and innovations have ensured that software developers have all the tools and utilities at hand that they would expect to find on any modern, connected, platform.’”

In HPE Corner you will find highlights of the HPE’s quarterly results and I find this comment particularly interesting: “However, before we get ahead of ourselves, the results for this latest quarter highlight the importance too of GreenLake.”

CSP writes about the importance of the zero-trust approach to security “A typical zero-trust model for NonStop systems might include validating identity, aligning appropriate access management, and implementing technologies such as multi-factor authentication. To this end, CSP provides CSP Authenticator+®.

You may find interesting the article from comforte as it contains “The following nine stories should provide some valuable lessons learned that enterprises can use to draft their cybersecurity and privacy strategies for 2023 and beyond”

In the article by Pyalla you will find pointers to many blogs and publications. Richard Buckle writes: “Naturally enough, the focus of the posts to our business and social blogs included numerous observations about NonStopTBC22. They also include many impressions and quotes from NonStop vendors as well as from the NonStop team and the Connect organization. Look for the reference, too, to spilt wine that isn’t a reference to the lyrics of the song, Spill Wine.”

Read the EBTUG promo article: “The news is breaking fast. The pan-European eBITUG event will be held in Edinburgh, running May 15 – 17, 2023 and will be the premier NonStop User Group event for all of the UK, European, Middle East and African customers. It will be a two day multi-track event with HPE and External Keynote speakers plus breakout sessions from HPE, Vendor Community and Customers. It will be supported by Connect-Community.”

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Margo Holen
Managing Editor