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Issue 7.3 Editorial


Editorial February 2023

Not surprisingly the focus of just about everyone now is on long overdue in person events! It feels as if we all got off the leash!

In the APAC update Shanice Abigail tells us: “The APAC team has gotten down into planning and are set for the events that are up and coming here in the region.” And then the details followed:

“To get this going, our team headed over to the land of smiles, Thailand, for a jam-packed 2 day bootcamp. Our sales leads and presales from all over the region headed over to Bangkok, where we spent the days getting to know each other, and to learn more about the other products in our Data Solutions portfolio, and how we can put solutions together.

“In 2023, APAC will be focusing on exploring NonStop as a Database Server and will focus on reaching out to more partners in the standard x86 and database space and supporting partners’ POCs and bringing enablement sessions to the table.”

4tech Software has many plans for 2023 as well: “We’re looking forward to 2023 with great optimism and we’re looking forward to giving more detailed updates at several NonStop events this year. Already in the diary are SunTUG in Florida at the start of March, ATUG in Atlanta and eBITUG (the large European NonStop event) in Edinburgh are in May and of course, we’ll be at the Connect NonStop Technical Boot Camp in Denver this September.”

NTI writes: “In the coming months and at events planned for 2023 the NonStop community will hear a lot more on the topic of Continuous Adaptation and how NTI, as part of its own digital transformation journey, has committed to support NonStop participation in the demanding world of enterprise hybrid IT. Look for NTI at the major NonStop events including the upcoming pan-European eBITUG event in Edinburgh this spring as well as the NonStop TBC23 in Denver this fall.”

CSP Team is on the ready as well: “CSP is gearing up for several events, including SunTUG in Tampa, FL (Mar 3, 2023), ATUG in Atlanta, GA (May 3, 2023), and eBITUG in Edinburgh, Scotland (May 15 – 17, 2023). We will also attend NonStop TBC 2023 in Denver, Colorado (Sept 12 – 14, 2023). Wherever you see us and whenever you have an opportunity, make sure you come to talk to us. We would be only too happy to talk about zero trust, ransomware, and the developing ecosystem we believe will have the potential to become that protective knight you realize is up to the task o defending your enterprise.”

ETINET is planning the 2023 events participation: “In the coming months, ETI-NET will be present at a number of major NonStop community events. You will find us supporting SunTUG March 3 – 4, 2023 in Tampa Florida followed by our presence at eBITUG May 15 – 17, 2023 in Edinburgh Scotland. Time and time again it has proved essential for the ETI-NET team to hear firsthand of future requirements of BackBox even as the opportunities that present themselves at these events to cover product features and capabilities are numerous.”

Gravic writes about the many events they plan on attending and about new team members joining the company. “Ken Scudder Joins Shadowbase Business Development Team” and “Alfredo Gonzalez Joins Shadowbase Product Deployment Team”

In the update on Pyalla Technologies, LLC., Richard Buckle says what some may find a great news: “with 2023 well and truly started, it is our intent to pull back on the length of posts, in particular our social blog Buckle-Up, to where all posts will be limited to 850 – 1250 words. Shorter posts with the prospect of more frequent blogging: After all, with events proving to be as popular as they appear to be, there are many more stories to tell!”

As one of our friends once said to Richard “you are writing faster than I can read”….

The Striim’s article cites Alok Pareek, Founder and Executive Vice President of Products at Striim. ‘Our customers are trying to just rewrite their applications, either for digital transformation or to take advantage of new customer experiences. To provide better, more agile, faster services, you need to have real-time data. And so, we really focused on that specific market.’”

TANDsoft writes:” The 2023 SunTUG Sunshine Summit will be taking place on March 3rd and 4th in Tampa, Florida. TANDsoft is a sponsor at the event. We’ll be presenting at 10:30 am on March 3rd, and we’ll also be set up in the vendors room. Be sure to attend our presentation and stop by our stand to get more information. Find out why so many teams choose TANDsoft. Hear about our latest solution advancements and how they can help your organization.”

Collin Yates’ update tells us: “BITUG (British Isles NonStop User Group) is pleased to be organizing and hosting the biggest NonStop User Conference in Europe this year – eBITUG 2023. It will be held in the stunning and cultural city of Edinburgh in Scotland, UK, from May 15th thru May 17th.” “And once again, we will be offering participants arriving Monday the chance to do an afternoon activity. TCM will be hosting their Golf Day; we will have a special Gala Dinner at a near location with a difference on Tuesday evening – and yes of course it will feature a Scottish theme – How could we forget the Addressing of the Haggis?”

Of course TCM will be very much front and center at the EBTUG event “As we see the months pass by, the upcoming events in 2023 will provide the perfect venue for TCM to address the needs of those NonStop users continuing to adapt to change. Irrespective of whether you think the move to virtualization, clouds and IaaS (through GreenLake) are simply a series of baby-steps or perhaps, major tectonic shifts, TCM is well aware of the demands this will place on access to expertise in these areas. At the upcoming eBITUG to be held in Edinburgh, Scotland from May 15 – 17, 2023, TCM will be present and hard to miss.”

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Margo Holen
Managing Editor