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Issue 7.6 Editorial


Editorial August 2023

Almost everyone writes about TBC2023 in this issue of the NonStop Insider!

From ETI-NET comes an insight as to what the conference means to us all: “What we come away with from conferences such as the NonStop TBC 2023 Conference is a credible list of potential additional features and capabilities. With BackBox With QoreStor® finding its way into production environments, familiarity with this solution has created a positive environment for fine-tuning the product. We are noting that there is room on our side for further investment including fine tuning of catalogue syncing and in general, post-availability cleanup that is only natural following a product introduction. Where else would we be having these conversations if it wasn’t for the NonStop TBC 2023 Conference with an audience that includes many NonStop customers of ETI-NET products?”

I also want to bring to your attention the article from 4Tech – it says: “HPE Integrity Detective was born as a result of frustration”. Please read the article, it is as informative as it is funny! 4Tech will be presenting at the TBC2023: “Look for us at NonStop TBC2023 Conference where we will be participants and look too for the presentation by Greg Swedosh – ‘Helping you tick compliance checkboxes while also providing full cyber resilience:’”

CSP talks about its technical presentation it will deliver at TBC2023 in Denver in about a month time: “We recognize that NonStop users require a non-disruptive solution that is simple to use and provides comprehensive reports to detect abnormalities present in your NonStop System. Consider CSP Vulnerability Scanner is our response to those requests and will be featured in our presentation at this year’s NonStop TBC 2023, along with CSP Authenticator +.”

CSP also points out the unveiling of the new program: “CSP will also introduce the Global NS Partner Alliance to the broader community at TBC 2023. We encourage all HPE NonStop Partners to join the Alliance. Whether you develop solutions or provide services for the NonStop platform, this initiative is meant to increase awareness and provide a one-stop shop for everything NonStop. There have already been several early adopters, and as a company that already supports this initiative, CSP is encouraged by the acceptance the community has shown for the Global NS Partner Alliance.”

Please read the article to find out more!

NTI’s article also talks about this new initiative: “If you ever wonder what the NonStop vendors might be discussing among themselves when they get together for a NonStop TBC Conferences, rest assured it’s almost always focused on how best to meet changing NonStop customer demands. In this case, it has led to the creation of a Global NS Partner Alliance portal. NTI is an instigator, an active participant, and a proud supporter of this initiative as has been CSP Security. It has been the financial support and technical leadership of CSP Security that has led to the web site that will be officially launched at the NonStop TBC 2023 Conference. Expect a lot of excitement being generated by this initiative and make sure you drop by the tables of the early adopters to find out more about the information that it will provide to all members of the NonStop community.”

Pyalla Technologies article also talks about the need for Global NS Partner Alliance portal: “The Global NS Partner Alliance is a major step forward in communicating all that is on offer from the wider NonStop vendor community. As such it is the only place to go to find out about the choices available to the NonStop community. Furthermore, with the significant growth of interest among the NonStop community in GreenLake, for the GreenLake team, this will be the place to go to find out more about a vendor or product … When it comes to following the Global NS Partner Alliance, look for the twitter handle @GNSALLIANCE as well as the LinkedIn group, GNSALLIANCE – Your NonStop Partner Portal and of course, make sure you join this group and check twitter for updates.”

If you read Craig Lawrence’s article dedicated to Vietnam Summit you will notice how the event was by invitation only, yet again pointing out a need for the NS vendors Alliance! “They really know how to put on a show in AsiaPac. Many top executive leaders from HPE Singapore had flown in and they gathered around the top table of the event, and kindly invited me to join them there.  Headphones for everyone, with immediate translation from English to Vietnamese and vice versa as we went through then day.”

Please spend some time reading the ESQ article – you may not have been aware of all the new initiatives taking place! “The products covered here and more will be among the topics our ESQ team will be only too happy to cover at the upcoming NonStop TBC 2023 Conference to be held in Denver, Colorado, in just a few weeks’ time. The reference to business resilience and the benefits that ESQ brings to the conversation is in recognition of the theme of this year’s conference even as for some time it has become the subject of conversations within ESQ.”

TANDsoft article addresses ransomware and a need for a rapid recovery: “When it comes to ransomware, it takes just one attack to inflict significant damage on a business. It is far better to prepare in advance for these attacks, rather than being forced to respond after the damage is inflicted. For IT organizations, it is vital to take a proactive approach, and establish an effective CDP environment that enables swift ransomware recovery … Look too for our participation in the newly formed Global NS Partner Alliance as it is officially unveiled at TBC 2023. Check the web site for further updates about this new partner ecosystem. Follow too the LinkedIn Group, GNSALLIANCE – Your NonStop Partner Portal, as well as on follow us on twitter using the handle, @GNSALLIANCE”

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Margo Holen
Managing Editor