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Issue 8.4 Editorial


Editorial April 2024

In the April 2024 edition of the NonStop Insider you will read articles I truly enjoyed.

4TechSoftware shares its history and growth since its inception. “Jumping forward 14 years to today, our latest product is the result of several years of development and investment – HPE Tokenator (TK) – which addresses the need for BASE24 customers (or any NonStop user for that matter) to protect their card data at all times. TK protects sensitive data by replacing it with format-preserved tokens, so in the event that any secured data is hacked/stolen, it would be worthless to thieves.”

comforte shares the information on the benefits of its partnership with ACI worldwide: “Non-compliance is not an option. However, the process itself can be extremely time-consuming and expensive for many organizations. Fortunately, a new partnership between comforte and payments software giant ACI Worldwide should help to streamline the journey.”

ETI-NET writes about visible changes observed by its representatives at various user groups gathering: ” When you consider the topics or theme of these multiple events, what stood out for the ETI-NET participants was how attention was directed towards modernization and “bringing the cloud experience to you.”

Gravic,very much like 4TechSoftware leads us down the memory line – its 45th anniversary! Wow. The article begins with: “Dr. Bruce Holenstein, President and CEO, and Paul J. Holenstein, EVP and Chief Technologist, formed our first company, Compucon Services Corp., soon after Tandem started, and we are celebrating our 45th year working in the HPE NonStop world! In 2001, we renamed our company “Gravic”, based on the word “gravity.” Gravic means “attraction to the core,” representing our core purpose of Improving Society Through Innovation®.”

Further down in the article you will read about Gravic’s participation in the recent user groups’ events in Sydney, Melbourne and Berlin.

Infrasoft starts its article with: “uLinga for Kafka, widely recognised as the best solution for integrating NonStop applications with Kafka, and uLinga Gateway, the newest product in the uLinga suite, have recently been enhanced to add powerful data transformation capabilities.  This article gives an introductory overview to these capabilities, and then takes a deep dive into one possible use case – transforming the venerable ISO8583 standard into JSON.”

If you want to find out more just need to read the whole thing!

Lusis gives us a taste of what you going to read in their article in the very first paragraph: “Let’s delve deeper into why four of the top ten banks globally have made the strategic decision to entrust their payments infrastructure to Lusis Payments and the transformative capabilities of the TANGO platform.”

Well, sounds promising!

Richard Buckle writes about NonStop 50th anniversary…wow, the gold one.

“When it comes to NonStop, a quick check of the Tandem Computers and then NonStop logos shows the many transitions NonStop went through. Even as the red logo turned to blue and black and then back to red followed by more blue before green – what hasn’t changed is the decisive attributes that make NonStop the survivor it has become. Availability, scalability, data integrity, security and more.”

“The recent introduction of the phrase, “Can’t stop; won’t stop; NonStop” is just the latest iteration describing these attributes with a more modern, recognizable, twist and one the NonStop community has endorsed rather rapidly.”

In Buckle’s “NonStop RUG, TUG, and Chapter update for: Q1 2024 (plus),”

Richard says: “Irrespective of your own position on the merits of RUG events, there’s an inescapable upside available to all. Call it educational and indeed instructional, but at least you can leave yourself open to the transformational. It’s a time too for renewal amidst the routine and oftentimes, downright drudgery that comes with the territory.

Supporting the fault tolerant NonStop system after fifty years may not be the glamor occupation you may have once thought, but rest assured, as Casey Taylor noted, “NonStop powers the world.” HPE CEO, Antonio Neri, in a prerecorded message for the community, called it “the future of NonStop is bright!” but to hear all of this, you just have to be there! See you next RUG events and I trust you enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed the events we have attended of late.”

In the conclusion of the third article that is from Richard Buckle: “The many angles, reflections and points of interest coming from social media” where he examines  the hard copy option of the magazines vs on line posts. The conclusion reads:

“Knowing that NonStop attracts many commentators, thinkers and influencers has to be a good thing, right? So, when next can we see something from you and when that first post, commentary or article is published, let us all know as your views will always be important to us.”

NTI’s article explores an interesting topic: “When it comes to business and to business insight, there has never been a substitute for simply doing the right thing. This has manifested itself in many ways. What is doing the right thing in business? When do we know we are headed in the right direction? When do we really know that we are minimizing the risks involved”.

I hope you will read about “doing the right thing” in business!

NuWave Technologies explores, “Understanding ISO 8583 and ISO 20022: Evolution and Application in Financial Messaging”. Why you may be interested? “Overall, understanding these standards enables organizations to navigate complex financial messaging challenges, driving innovation and collaboration in the digital era” writes Gustavo Cavazos, Pre-sales and Professional Services, NuWave Technologies.

TandSoft article starts with “Now, your organization can access leading TANDsoft solutions through the HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform. This streamlines the process of testing, procuring, and deploying our solutions—and it gives you the flexibility of consumption-based pricing.”

And then it explores the question: “What’s the difference between blazing fast and blistering fast?” Well if you read this article you will get to the closing paragraphs:

“To learn more, please visit and request a demonstration. TANDsoft products are also available from Network Technologies International, Inc., TIC Software and High Availability Systems Co., Ltd. In addition, we’ll be participating in several events over the course of 2024—the year we get to celebrate 50 years of NonStop. You can see TANDsoft solutions and representatives in person at these upcoming events:

  • CTUG 2 Join us at this year’s Canadian Tandem User Group, taking place in Mississauga, Ontario. We’ll have a booth at this event’s conference day, which is taking place on Wednesday, June 5, 2024.
  • NonStop Technical Boot Camp. This upcoming event will be taking place in Monterey, California, on September 24 to 26, 2024. We’ll be a Silver sponsor of the event and will be exhibiting in the Partner Pavilion.

TCM article talks about company involvement in modernization of NonStop and I think this paragraph helps to understand why reading of TCM’s article may be beneficial:

“It has been a constant theme of TCM throughout 2023 that continues into 2024. It is part of our message of modernization that we fully encourage the NonStop community to undertake a bigger investment in modernizing their NonStop development, deployment and operations of applications. Moving away from proprietary tools and utilities is crucial for reducing the overall costs of managing NonStop applications today, particularly when there is an opportunity provided by TCM to leverage the skills already in place across TCM’s team. We see it as a major opportunity, indeed an opportunity beneficial to all NonStop customers as we witness firsthand the difficulties that arise when NonStop customers are faced with the management of ageing applications that together with the diminished presence of the skillset can be daunting without the presence of the TCM team to address skillset shortfalls that may develop.”

All right, you may think that Richard Buckle just keeps on writing and it is tiring to even realize how many articles he has contributed to this April 2024 issue, but just wait! There is more so you just might want to read the Pyalla article to see where else he was published.

As always if you would like to see a question included in the next issue of the NonStop Insider or you have any comments you would like to see published, don’t hesitate to send an email to me, at:

Thank you,

Margo Holen
Managing Editor