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The June 2017 NonStop Insider is dedicated to the events happening in June that have the NonStop community buzzing! Following on from a very successful eBITUG there has been events in Dallas (N2TUG) as well as in Las Vegas (2017 HPE Discover)., the HPE “big-tent marketing” events cater to a broader audience that is more focused on HPE’s strategy and visions.

The local “TUG” events have the community flavor, familiar and warm, with everyone knowing everyone else! We love them, vendors love them, and customers feel loved. They have a sense of tradition even as they openly welcome anyone new to NonStop and yes, there is a younger crowd developing within the NonStop community. As we read last month, the Under 40 SIG is something special and will be a group we will be actively following in the months ahead.

Then there is a Discover, the HPE big-tent marketing event, held each year to truly deliver the HPE message. This year it was more on making hybrid IT simple,, powering the intelligent edge and providing the services HPE customers will need to make it all happen! Lovely; it was great; everyone loves it, but the question of the day is – what is really happening? Are the changes at the leadership level imminent? Why did HPE CEO Meg Whitman, only speak for twenty or thirty minutes and then give the floor to EVP Antonio Neri?

Is he the NEXT THING, and if so, is he really the fresh face that will brighten the HPE sky? Didn’t Meg talk of reversing the pyramid and hiring the young ones? Perhaps we will hear a lot more about this when it’s time for the European HPE Discover event that will be held later in the year in Madrid.

With everyone still travelling and an end of quarter fast approaching, it was pleasing to see the number of contributions that were received even as events were happening. So yes, enjoy this month’s issue and of course, if as yet you haven’t subscribed to this publication you can do so by emailing