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At SunTUG, our first RUG event of 2020, the response for NTI has been positive!



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NTI Mar 2020

Given the time of year it was only natural to plan a trip to Florida. Nothing says it is a new year like a sunshine and warm weather in February, at least as far as the northern hemisphere is concerned where any opportunity to escape winters snowy clutches is more than welcome. On this occasion it was all about SunTUG; and what an event it turned out to be. As it was announced at the time, SunTUG passed its largest attendance milestone in memory and this was very positive news for all members of the NonStop community. As for the winner of our iPad event prize, the honors went to Jim Keene from JPMC.

There is a lot of tradition associated with this particular RUG event. Vendors fly in the afternoon before, if not already present in the Tampa region, and customer dinners are scheduled for that evening. Then there is the last call of the night to attend as the hotel hosting the event provides plenty of opportunity to network. For NTI, there are numerous customers in Tampa and simply showing up for this event is an opportunity to bounce ideas off customers and prospects alike and for 2020, there is a lot happening with NTI and the DRNet® product family. A lot of the interest is coming as a result of development projects pursued by NTI in 2019. However, these elevated levels of interest are coming as a result too of the major investments HPE has made in NonStop and it’s really refreshing to see such a positive and upbeat response from the NonStop user community.

From a basic product line featuring NonStop converged systems based on the Intel x86 Architecture (NonStop X NS3 and NS7) to where there are three product lines with converged virtual systems (NS2) and fully virtualized NonStop as Software (VNS) only recently added to the NonStop family. At no time in the past there was such a rich variety of NonStop offerings tailored to meet almost any data center requirements and perhaps this is just the beginning, as we are hearing that there are select HPE Synergy sites running VNS even as there is prototypes of NonStop at the edge based on the EL4000 being demonstrated.

This is to say that the opportunities for DRNet® are expanding as well and it’s all driven by the need to do more with the data created on NonStop. By their very nature, mission critical applications are most often deployed where an enterprise interacts with its clients and business partners. The result of all such interactions is the creation of new data and the rest of the enterprise values feeding this fresh data to adjacent applications.

The presence of all these members within the NonStop product family encouraged NTI to expand its capabilities and perhaps there is no recent project pursued by NTI gaining more attention among the NonStop community then the addition of support for JSON messaging. Among the NonStop vendor community there are those providing JSON message support for better interaction between web applications and servers, but in the case of NTI it is being used to transport data from NonStop to any adjacent server capable of ingesting JSON messages.

As a complement to previous ways to ingest data based on JDBC (and requiring a staging server between a NonStop source and any target), it is propelling NTI into the middle of many discussions among NonStop customers, particularly among those in the Financial Services industry. At SunTUG this year there were many such users present for the event. “Interest in DRNet® /Vision, particularly as it relates to interfacing to Open Source data-focused products like  Kafka and Hadoop, surpassed NTI’s expectations at least ten-fold,” said Tim Dunne, NTI Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales.

“Whereas Kafka and Hadoop are considered being highly valued elements supporting todays modern approach to data management infrastructure, it is the ease with which NTI extracts data at the source that makes it easy to populate them. Leveraging decades of experience with Change Data Capture (CDC) techniques to deliver a low impact method of extracting data from NonStop databases is now being recognized as a viable vehicle for providing greater integration of NonStop with the rest of systems in the data center.” It’s all about ease of deployment and ease of use that has captured the attention of the NonStop community and at SunTUG this was evident with every conversation we had.”

There is a reason why DRNet® /Vision is attracting the attention of late and there is plenty of value provided by NTI even where other products have been deployed for data replication. The strategy behind DRNet® /Vision is to ensure it can be run in parallel to popular tools and utilities from other vendors and in so doing, provides immediate relief to all those NonStop community members concerned about how best to pursue infrastructure integration at the data level.  Should this strategy and the products under the overall umbrella of DRNet® be of interest to you we encourage you to call us any time – we will be glad to tell you more about our strategy, products and yes, our DRNet® /Vision.
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