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In a time when there are so many discussions surrounding the new normal and wondering what our future might look like one or even two years out, it’s not a time to dwell on the former normal we remember. The foreseeable future is one where the signs all suggest the Digital Transformation (DX) industry analysts have been predicting has developed traction as enterprises adjust to an accelerated move to eCommerce. For many businesses, it’s all about interfacing with customers online and with ensuring transactions can be completed in a timely manner.

This emphasis being placed on accessibility and on dependability (and not forgetting repeatability) all point to a world where the actions of our younger generation are being mirrored by the population at large in ways that were not expected to take place for a decade or so. It was common knowledge, or so we all thought, that older generations would stick to practices deeply rooted in what was always done. However, that expectation has been broken and the status quo enjoyed by many enterprises has seen their business evaporate.

For the NonStop community, the status quo has always been an enigma. Embracing NonStop in support of mission critical applications always placed them ahead of trends at the time. Don’t run that on the mainframe! Do not deploy that on database that cannot run 24 x 7! And no, don’t shut down the system on a Sunday for administration. NonStop systems have always been at the fore of the discussion whenever direct customer interfacing was involved. There is nothing worse than turning up to a service provider only to find that “the system is unavailable for the next XX hours!”

However, even now, the status quo is again coming under intense scrutiny. Can your system integrate well with other elements of the enterprises’ technology infrastructure? HPE CEO Antonio Neri shone a light on a transformation that has been under way of late but that has accelerated in this time of a global pandemic. “We have entered the age of insight,” Neri said as he highlighted the real need of enterprises to know more about what is actually taking place, in real time. For the NonStop community this hasn’t come as a surprise and as much as have been written about entering the age of insight as has been published, the strength of NonStop systems’ ability to play well with an enterprises’ technology infrastructure has helped NonStop remain a presence within these enterprises.

For NTI this has been a reminder that Business Continuity and Business Insight are important requirements of those enterprises depending upon their NonStop applications. This was a highlight of the latest post to the NTI blog, NTI taps new opportunities; NonStop users preparing to move-on from status quo:

Simply maintaining the status quo isn’t a solution nor is simply downgrading the need to ensure currency with future NonStop product introductions. Doing nothing in today’s environment leads not just to stagnation but the embracement of a legacy mindset and in the August 2020 issue of NonStop Insider, NTI made its support of NonStop very clear in its feature article, NTI: executing on our vision; delivering on our strategy; filling in our roadmap!

Breaking free from the status quo and then embracing the age of insight positions NTI well for the future. Not surprisingly, it was recent remarks to this effect by Tim Dunne, NTI’s Global Director Worldwide Sales,that should attract the attention of many NonStop users:

“The NonStop community is going through major assessments of their product mix; with more transactions arriving on NonStop and more data being created on NonStop, efficiency comes in many guises. When it comes to replicating off of NonStop – whether for Business Continuity or Business Insight price, support, engagement with the NonStop team are all important elements as is having just one vendor providing one product capable of doing it all!”

Past reputations count for little in today’s environment looking to better leverage data in this new age of insight. Vendor commitments count for so much more than in former times as products evolve to better suit clients’ needs. For the NonStop community there is nothing more important that the knowledge that their vendor of preference is as committed to NonStop as they are. Change Data Capture (CDC) is at the heart of all that NTI provides. It was NTI who pioneered CDC technology thirty-five years ago, and even though its competitors followed suite, today it’s not clear at all that one of these competitive offerings will remain a priority for their vendor.

Breaking free from the status quo implies change and for the NonStop community, this new normal is the time to consider change. NTI pioneered CDC technology 35 years ago and two competitors followed. If you hadn’t considered NTI’s product offering in the past, then the time to change your perception of NTI is now and for good reason. Today, it’s not clear to the NonStop community that NonStop will continue to be a priority for one of those competitors opening the door to NTI in ways where DRNet® does so much more than just supporting business continuity:

“The message today is all about the arrival of the age of insight; with CDC we can replicate and transform to input to any popular analytics process – adjacent, peer or hybrid. We have demonstrated this already with our introduction of JSON support for replicating from NonStop to Splunk> and this is only the beginning.”

NTI’s support for Splunk> focuses on data and on ensuring data created on NonStop and stored in databases, files and tables can be passed to popular analytics and presentation solutions using conventional CDC technologies. This is more important than simply feeding events created by popular NonStop utilities as it’s ensuring fresh data created by mission critical transactions makes it to where it’s most needed for analytics.  After providing its initial support for Splunk> ingestion (with a successful PoC completed), NTI has gone on to further enhance DRNet® /Vision and its support of JSON, as a light-weight interface, to now supports open access to a multitude of data consumers – such as Hadoop, Kafka, ELK and others. Status quos are never maintainable. Change arrives in unexpected ways none more so that with the advent of this current global pandemic. As society changes to accommodate this fearful virus, so too are enterprises reviewing their commitments to technologies that may not be changing as fast as is needed today!

The age of insight is more than simple words, it’s the core to adding value in all that an enterprise pursues and can be seen as fundamental to the way of remaining in business in these times of rampant change. If our NTI strategy, vision and the products interest you in these times of change as you look to become better prepared to embrace this age of insight, then simply call the number below or email us at any time at

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