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nti aug 2020

We have begun a new quarter; who could have imagined what we all would be facing in 2020. When we talk of 2020 in terms of 20/20 vision it means we can see things clearly. Perhaps it’s rather paradoxical that in 2020 almost no business has 20/20 vision and yet, we are all making adjustments to this new world in which we now live. As some businesses struggle to adjust to this constantly changing normalcy, others are flourishing. Overnight we have witnessed a slowing of traditional retail businesses even as eCommerce has pushed some vendors to almost unimaginable market valuation heights.

In good time, announcing vision and vision statements come thick and fast. Roadmaps are expanded to include every imaginable widget. However, in these times it’s more like being on a roller coaster as businesses experience rapid changes in direction. Suddenly, once predictable (and in some cases fully expected) roadmaps look dated. Borderline obsolete, in some cases, as soon as they were announced! At NTI our vision has been clear; NTI is in the business of data.

As for NTI’s vision, our product roadmap execution supports data being replicated, integrated, transformed and distributed. As for our strategy, it’s all about working with our NonStop users to determine the best fit with the product roadmap deliverables. What is perhaps even more relevant in these times is that NTI’s roadmap dovetails well with what the HPE NonStop team is pursuing. Just as the NonStop team is working to support HPE’s commitment to providing solutions that address Edge-to-Core, Delivered as a Service, this hasn’t escaped the attention of NTI.

This was best summarized by Tim Dunne, NTI’s Global Director Worldwide Sales, in comments included within the article published in the July issue of NonStop Insider:

“We will be watching how this plays out in the medium term and we will be talking to our customers but we are ready for such an evolution in NonStop deployments; our strategy of PROVisioning: Excellence in Data is all about being fully prepared to address these changes.”

At the core of NTI’s roadmaps are the deliverables provided to date in support of enterprises business continuity plans. Data replication anchors our product roadmap. It is our core competency. What we embraced in terms of Change Data Capture (CDC) methodology, we built on to better support integration, transformation and distribution. Adding support for JSON to our earlier support of JDBC meant that our support for integration as part of NTI’s roadmap was given substance. With DRNet ®/Vision we effectively extended our proven, leading, CDC architecture to turn data formerly siloed on NonStop into actionable insight for the enterprise.

Data created on NonStop can be integrated with any JDBC compliant data base just as can be integrated with any JSON data consumer such as Splunk>, ELF, Kafka and more. As digital transformation continues and hybrid IT prevails within the data center, DRNet ® will not just integrate data created on NonStop with data lakes and data warehouses but will also become a tool for data transformation. Simply stated, DRNet ® can provide a vehicle to extend business opportunity resulting from migrations off legacy solutions.

And when it comes to data distribution, then moving greater compute power to the edge opens more doors for DRNet ® /OPEN tasked with collecting database updates from NonStop systems and using powerful messaging middleware distributes, via replication, data to most other kinds of hardware platforms, including Windows®, Unix®, and Linux®. All of which is to conclude that NTI is not just in the business of data, it’s in the business of ensuring data gets to where it provides the most value, be that for business continuity, greater business insight or simply becoming a better option for all your data needs.

Rollercoasters may be fun amusements but for business, they represent a loss of control, change coming unexpectedly and even the potential for disaster. Living on the edge, as the expression goes, isn’t for the faint of heart and yet, there are businesses prepared to gamble on less than stellar solutions. NTI’s vision and strategy center on data and with our roadmaps delivering the company’s vision for data to be moved, this coming quarter already looks as though it will be every bit as good as our last quarter. Providing robust solutions in support of data has been the hallmark of NTI for many decades.

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