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September Editorial

Welcome to NonStop Insider


It may be just this time of year, the end of another season here in North America, leaves starting to show a hint of yellowish/reddish coloring and everything seems to be about change.

You will read in the Insider Technologies article in this 12th issue of the NonStop Insider “The velocity of change in the business world has never been greater. And it’s increasing all the time. Technological advances and an insatiable demand for instant gratification is shaping our world.” Of course this article points out the impact this has on monitoring and the importance of the monitoring in an ever changing and growing environment.

Even criminal activities seem to pick up and impact growing number of individuals; read comForte’s article where the author suggests that Equifax data breach of 143 million Americans could have been prevented!

DataExpress writes about the ever changing and more demanding environment putting demands on file transfer and how the DataExxpress product steps to help “DataExpress hasn’t built its business on simply supplying file transfer products but rather by stepping back and looking at the real evolving enterprise needs. Security, scheduling, encrypting, compressing, auditing, warehousing, alerting, etc. not only adds significant value across a mix of incoming and outgoing file transfers, but is being demanded by todays circumstances and none of which individual file transfer products adequately address.”

FSS talks about the growth as well “Digital commerce is progressing rapidly and is estimated to reach $4T (eMarketer) in 2020, fueled by a growth in payments and widespread adoption of smart phones.”

OmniPayments makes a very interesting observation about the impacts of the changes happening in the developing world when compared with the established, better developed, world of payments “When it comes to payments however, there are many ways payments can be made and received and the infrastructure in place in the developed world that may be less appropriate for emerging economies; on the other hand, developed economies can take valuable lessons from the rapid development of the so-called emerging economies.”

Paragon joined the list of submitters to the NonStop Insider and here is what Paragon folks say about the change, growth and their response to it: “Keeping up with these changes across the industry is what Paragon is all about. We recognize that most financial institutions and payment processors can no longer allocate enough resources to manually test and verify the amount of change taking place within the typical release cycle and the drive toward Agile development techniques makes this even harder. We believe that any 21st century payments testing strategy must rely on continuous integration and automation.”

Of course the changing environment and rapid growth will impact HPE, and all of us wonder about its future and the future of NonStop. Read HPE Corner, and here is a teaser: “‘Long term trends, however, immensely favor HPE’s business with the rise in enterprise and individual integration and adaptation of data center solutions to provide technological solutions for a wide array of enterprise needs,’ wrote an analyst for the Seeking Alpha digital publication on September, 4, 2017. ‘The company, with its data center innovations and cost cutting initiatives, we believe, will outperform the general market in the years to come as we expect the company’s earnings and sales guidance to rise over the course of 2018 whilst HP’s (HPQ’s) sales guidance will shrink slightly from its over optimistic 2016.’”

This time of year brings also several important meetings and conferences: you will read about the NonStop Bootcamp coming in November, ETI-NET talks about participating in multiple events and highlights the one in Thailand September 15 -16. OZTUG has already happened and the event was very successful according to Andrew Price, OzTUG’s President, David Gillbanks, HPE Liason and Lyn Falk, OzTUG’s Secretary.

I hope I have encouraged you to take a look at the articles in this issue of the NonStop Insider and I want to echo Richard Buckle’s questions in his Pyalla Technologies article: “What do you think of the content being provided in NonStop Insider? What have you liked best – have you liked the opinion articles, the product updates or the news coming from RUG leaders? And what about the most recent addition, NonStop CEOs have their say?”

Please let us know what do you think, what would you like to see in the next year – we just completed 12th edition of the publication and would live to have your input!


Thank you,

Margo Holen