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December Editorial


This issue of the NonStop Insider (NSI) is full of buzz on the events that took place last month: the NonStop Technical Bootcamp in San Francisco, BITUG in London and of course HPE Discover 2017 in Madrid.

As I look at what common themes are in the submissions to this issue of NSI I see the renewed enthusiasm, high hopes for the virtualized NonStop and in particular a growing fascination with blockchain. Everyone seems to be enthusiastic about this technology and see its application on multiple fronts. I chose a few quotes to get you excited about reading more:

ETI wrote about the exciting presentation at the Bootcamp: “Of course a nice surprises was the attention being given to blockchain. Although we had heard about the NonStop team’s involvement in the port of R3: Corda to NonStop and knew that there had been demos of blockchain on NonStop at HPE Discover Las Vegas during the summer, to listen to senior members of the HPE management team evangelize the benefits of blockchain as fervently as they did was really a pleasant surprise.”

BITUG held their meeting and wrote: “There is always one presentation that not only stands out but generates considerable buzz among the attendees that oftentimes then transitions to the NonStop community at large. At this year’s Little SIG event at Barclays’ Canary Wharf offices, the presentation from Damian Ward of Vocalink / Mastercard (and also the incoming 2018 BITUG chairman), presentation “Crypto Currencies 102: Bring on the AltCoins” happened to be one such presentation.”

comForte as well picked on this topic: “For blockchain, HPE presented their views on one of the directions blockchain seems to be headed, which is distributed ledger.  It will be interesting to see how the HPE NonStop plays a role in blockchain and to see customer adoption of this technology.”

Infrasoft also carried the theme: “Blockchain, and the news coming from HPE that it will be offering “Blockchain-as-a-Service” and that it will be based on the port of R3:Corda to NonStop X (and NonStop SQL/MX), had already been announced but all the same, it was good to hear more on this message by someone within HPE who was new to NonStop and brought with them a fresh perspective on the value proposition of NonStop underpinning such an important technology. The message, though, that blockchain has the potential to be as disruptive a technology as was the arrival of the internet wasn’t lost on the attendees and we expect to hear a lot more from HPE on their blockchain pursuits in the very near future.”

From Pyalla Technologies comes; “Bringing NonStop to the party when it comes to supporting blockchain was a surprise and yet, as you look at the target markets for blockchain then in many instances, they are already being served by NonStop. If blockchain is going to be as disruptive to the industry as was the internet then when it comes to NonStop, blockchain will spur growth in NonStop the same way the introduction of ATMs did – and for the very same reason. Like with ATMs, no enterprise wants to see its copy of the distributed ledger technology go down for any reason.”

One thing for sure, for NonStop vendors, having the opportunity to listen first hand to HPE executives, having a chance to discuss the technology with their peers and having their customers share with them their experiences and plans results in a renewed optimism and desire to build and create more products.

I have to say that as great as December NSI ended up being, my hope for 2018 would be to see a contribution or two from the customers/users of the technology and we will be encouraging NonStop customers to share as much as they can – the confidentiality rules are rather complicated and it is hard to maneuver around them; but we are hopeful all the same!


Wishing you Happy Holidays and hoping the NSI will be a good read during this festive season.


Margo Holen

Managing Editor, NSI