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Issue 3.1 Editorial (October ’18)


It seems that there is excitement building in the lead up up to the NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) – so many Regional User Group (RUG) meetings lately! Read HPE RUG events worldwide, 2018 – September Update as well as CTUG’s, comforte’s, Lusis’ and OmniPayments’s articles.

Paragon this month takes us to Hollywood and references the Mission Impossible movie – you will find the article as entertaining as it is informative. Striim threw tons of acronyms and code names at the reader, and one of these, Splunk, is also referenced in the NTI submission! Clearly, there is a growing appreciation among the NonStop vendor community of the need to integrate the mission critical data being accumulated on NonStop with big data and data analytics.

TSI’s CEO, Shawn Sabanayagam, has been featured on a cover of the CIO Review Magazine!

Read the article by Glenn Garrahan, Director HPE Business, Tributary Systems.
The other topic discussed in many of this month articles is the virtual NonStop (vNS) – how it will be deployed, who will support it, how it will be used. Read the Pyalla’s Richard Buckle’s article on Challenges for the NonStop Team.

All in all I hope you are enjoying NonStop Insider and we hope you will contribute an article for the next month’s edition! Based on the number of submissions received over the past three months, when it comes to all-digital publications, NonStop Insider has now the leading publication and in case we forget, this issue starts its third year of publication. We couldn’t have done it without the support of the NonStop vendor community as well as the RUG leadership so again, many thanks to everyone who supports NonStop Insider!

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Margo Holen
Managing Editor