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Issue 3.11 Editorial (August ’19)


It must have been hot August nights after all with everyone heading to their desks for the A/C – yes, it’s a bumper issue with 20+ submissions, and then some that you will have to wait to next month to read … but having said this, make sure you check to see what is on the second page!

Last month we have met with the folks at Quatrrosoft. Richard and I had a lovely lunch and a stroll in Budapest with Peter Boros, CTO of Quattrosoft, and we are very excited about this company. Next month we expect to see a submission talking about Quatrrosoft’s strategic relationship with DataCare and its Service247 offerings. Quattrosoft can provide customizing based on their framework application – a framework that includes workflow management, multichannel communications, rule based and AI compliance, etc.) in multiple business segments like Government (both law enforcement and admin), financial services, media, etc. DataCare, Plc, is the HPE NonStop reseller in Hungary and the first NonStop Expert Partner in the CE region. DataCare now has two NSX systems in two separate datacentres (operated by Antenna Hungaria, Plc. – a Hungarian Telecom and broadcasting company) … and by all accounts and from what we have heard, Quattrosoft Ltd. is one very important ISV for DataCare …

There was some commonality among the submissions with security and clouds topping the list of topics covered – perhaps the recent “insider” hack at Capital One may have driven this …

RUGs continue to roll with the focus this month on the Asia Pacific region following RUG events in both Korea and Taiwan. The focus of the NonStop sessions provided by the NonStop team “was all about modern NonStop architectures and methods.”

It must be the beginning of awards season as NonStop vendors report recent wins and yes, we know of more to come next month as well. This month Gravic and FSS have “bragging rights”! Next month, there will be more, so I have been told.

comforte’s article talks about a subject that is very heart warming to me – read the article, and here is a capsule: “HPE NonStop and comforte AG (with its development partner Infrasoft Pty Ltd. in Sydney, Australia) reached an agreement to provide SNAX and X.25 support for NonStop X and Virtualized NonStop systems using the uLinga for EE (Enterprise Extender) and uLinga for X.25 software products.”

Next month’s issue should prove interesting as it will be published as the NonStop vendor community heads to the NonStop Vendor Symposium held in the new San Jose, CA, HQ of HPE – we will likely see multiple references to this upcoming event together with numerous observations as well as questions that should prove of interest to all members of the NonStop community.

I hope you will enjoy this August 2019 issue of the NonStop Insider and if you would like to see a question included in the next issue of the NonStop Insider or you have any comments you would like to see published, don’t hesitate to send an email to me, at:

Thank you,

Margo Holen
Managing Editor