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Issue 3.6 Editorial (March ’19)


This month’s issue of the NonStop Insider talks a lot about partnerships – the concept, the benefits, the commitment of HPE to its partners even as partnerships are being forged among the vendors operating in the NonStop marketplace.

When thinking how the partnerships form you do need to think about trust – some of it being there by the virtue of belonging to the same club. Let me illustrate as I was amazed how one example just landed in my lap during this trip to Germany. Most of the time travelling in Europe you watch your wallet and do not place it in the back pocket of your jeans (unless you want to get rid of it), you watch your purse like a hawk. I recall a fellow cruise traveler spending an evening in Barcelona before boarding our boat having been warned about the purse snatchers. Brave lady went out to dinner and put her purse between her feet with the long handles wrapped over her knee. Well, it was gone by the time main course was served.

There is an exception, though. When you are in a first class lounge of your airline you are a part of an exclusive club, so you extend your trust to the fellow club members and go grab your glass of wine leaving your luggage whenever you found a comfortable chair. This time travelling on the ICE train in Germany we purchased a 1st class ticket as the price was right. The woman travelling in the same carriage finished her work on a computer, placed it in a bag, left a bag and her purse and went to the toilet located a couple of carriages away. She came back, didn’t even look if anything was missing from her wide open purse, put a blanket over her shoulders and went to sleep…

So, yes, there is a trust there by simple virtue of belonging; for the NonStop vendor community, there are over 40 years of working together, meeting at various RUG events and working on problems at the sites where you and your partner’s products are deployed. So that becomes more personal.

I am looking at the partnerships forming, deepening and now embracing more than just products – we are starting to entrust servicing of our products, migrating them to the new environments, and much more to our partners. All this is fantastic for the future of the NonStop platform!

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Thank you,

Margo Holen
Managing Editor