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Issue 4.10 Editorial


The month of June was pretty much all about the HPE major event, 2020 HPE Discover Virtual Event.

ETI’s article summarizes this: “HPE Discover Virtual Experience dominated conversations among the HPE community. It was the first time that HPE’s annual big-tent event went virtual and it’s one visible impact of the global pandemic that’s inescapable. Will it develop traction sufficient to see repetition in the future? Is it an omen of events to come?”

The Antonio Neri’s keynote has been viewed 750,000 times as we went to press, but I personally enjoyed Justin Simonds’ talk B502 the most – read more in Justin’s article. Here is just a teaser: “Something we had done with Crossflo many years ago was a pilot for syndromic surveillance.  Crossflo running on NonStop had interconnected several emergency rooms within a state to each other and to the Health and Human Services (HSS) for that state.  It was a very successful pilot but the state lost funding and sadly it never went into production.  If this sounds like something that might be needed today, given our pandemic, we thought so too.  We did present internally to the account executives within HPE that oversee federal sales and the CDC amongst other agencies.”

NTI hit closer to home as far as the reason virtual events are taking hold. “This event went virtual because of the global pandemic and to shine a spotlight on the potential to become infected, HPE CEO Antonio Neri announced just days before the event started that he had been informed that he had contracted COVID-19. This would mean his keynote address would be given from his living room couch! Fortunately for him and his family it appeared not to be a serious ailment and it clearly did little to tamper his enthusiasm for the event.”

Perhaps it was left to IR who honed in on one of Neri’s main themes – the age of insight. IR wrote: “According to Neri, ‘We are awash in data, and lacking connectivity and insight. I believe we are nearing the end of the information era, which focused on generating and collecting massive amounts of data, data that could not be brought together to create timely insights and actions to change our future.’”

With so many user events being either postponed, cancelled, replaced by a virtual version of the traditional gathering – I think we will all adjust, but really, looking forward to the world getting back to normal and having a few adult beverages with our colleagues, well that’s fundamentally our culture and it will prove hard to replace.

I hope you will enjoy this July 2020 issue and if you would like to see a question included in the next issue of the NonStop Insider or you have any comments you would like to see published, don’t hesitate to send an email to me, at:

Thank you,

Margo Holen
Managing Editor