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Issue 5.1 Editorial


Just about all of us are thinking about the change to a virtual format for our biggest NonStop event, the TBC – now rebranded as The NonStop All Digital Experience to better reflect the times. Read the article by Bill Honaker, ex ITUG chairman and a XID Software, Inc. owner – just to give you a flavor: Bill talks about the positives and negatives of going virtual with this event. He created a list of pluses and minuses and then concluded: “I know that once it’s over, we’ll all be able to add things to both lists.  And, you probably noticed that a few of the items are on both lists, too.  In those cases, at least, there are potential good and bad sides to the attributes of going Virtual.”

A fascinating speculation on where the technology is going is being delivered by Justin Simonds, Master Technologist at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Read the article, here is a teaser: “Well as you all may know Chess Master Gary Kasporov lost to IBM Deep Blue back in 1997 but that was just the beginning of the story.  Gary created a new chess league called Centaur which is man plus machine.  The chess master has access to a chess machine that will recommend moves.  The chess master may or may not follow the machine recommendation.  The interesting result is that Centaur players (man + machine) win more often against just machines.  So I’m imagining a digital exec would be interested in being given recommendations based on current and past information which they can accept or modify.”

In addition to this column by Simonds, look for other opinion columns from HPE NonStop team members, Steve Kubick and Frans Jogma. It is good to see such contributions coming from key players within the HPE mission critical systems teams where their insights continue to be appreciated by all members of the NonStop community.

In the Op-Ed on the future of marketing Richard Buckle takes a poetic license to paraphrase the Shakespeare’s “Wherefore art thou, Romeo?” Richard examines the marketing’s role and here is a part that may raise your interest: “Wherefore marketing? Without dwelling too long on where we have come from or on reminding readers of how Proctor and Gamble championed product marketing as they launched “Soap Operas” or to revisit the all-powerful posturing that came with IBM positioning product manager as actually “owning” products from soup-to-nuts, there is no escaping the reality that the pursuit of marketing by technology companies is as ripe for over-valuation as it is fraught with misconceptions. After all, what does marketing really know about technology? It’s not soap powder and for sure, it’s not the latest generation of a popular car marque!”

The Social media round-up, another contribution from Richard, examines fascinating HPE announcement: “Perhaps the heading of the latest HPE press release says it all; “New HPE Trusted Supply Chain initiative launched today to expand HPE’s supply chain offerings and advance end-to-end security with U.S. factory-made servers that feature hardened data protection during manufacturing process.”

There is a lot to read in this issue of the NonStop Insider. I hope you will enjoy it and I hope you will register for the virtual TBC, now rebranded The NonStop All Digital Experience. Free registrations are being accepted. Don’t forget to register!

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Margo Holen
Managing Editor