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Issue 5.11 Editorial


The August 2021 issue of the NonStop Insider has clearly two major themes: payments and TBC!

Craig Lawrence’s article, Is Starbucks destined to become a bank, starts with an assertion that, “As of their latest Q3 report to the stock market, Starbucks holds a total value of some unspent $1.628 billion US on its private label cards.” Interesting! I did not realize that my card is preloaded to $45 and I have not used it in the last couple of years! No kidding! Check your balance and have a nice pumpkin latte – they are starting to serve it very soon.

CSP’s article discusses: “The next version of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards is scheduled for release early next year. It might be too soon to know what will change when PCI DSS Version 4.0 is released, but we can look for clues in the PCI Council’s blogs and feedback reports from industry sources who have reviewed early drafts.”

LUSIS article describes the success of the collaboration between HPE and LUSIS and talks about how “HPE has continued to suggest that we test TANGO on the newest (Intel based chip) hardware”. This article then concludes with: “Then with less than 10 hours of tuning, we easily reached 4,500 TPS sustained for two straight hours. And this was simply done with our Vanilla switch and some very light tuning.”

IR’s article tells how “More recently, IR’s Prognosis solution has been enhanced to support mission critical applications in their support of financial institutions”. More significant perhaps is how Prognosis will give merchants new ways to improve their revenue streams by giving them the opportunity to introduce new products.

Paragon’s Steve Gilde’s article discusses the rapid changes in payments industry and the need for automated testing to allow speedy delivery of the new features:  “The battle for dominance in the payments domain continues to intensify. … Consumers demand immediate response to their ever changing wants and needs. Speed will carry the day and that means automation, integration and collaboration
at the enterprise level.”

ETI, comforte, NTI and Gravic are platinum sponsors of the TBC – read what they plan to present in Denver at the NonStop TBC 2021! TANDsoft will also be presenting at TBC: “We can’t wait to see you this October, either in-person or online.”

Read more about the event in the article titled: “HPE NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) featuring Security and GreenLake”

TBC 2021 will feature separate presentations on NS SQL. Read more in the article, but in a nut shell: “The world goes at a fast pace and so is SQL/MX and its ecosystem! So you do not want to miss this talk which will cover the soon to be released SQL/MX 3.8 but also NonStop SQL Cloud Edition, database compatibility, PL/MX, SQLXPress, NSDA and more! We’ll also have a glimpse of what’s coming in the future.”

Justin Simonds, Master Technologist at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, writes about the topic he will be discussing at the TBC 2021: “I will be giving a high-level talk on the basics of Swarm Learning at this year’s NonStop TBC.   If you’re not busy during that time, please join me for an overview of this fascinating new area in AI.”  Something worthy of swarming to, don’t you think?

You should enjoy reading Striim’s article – here is a teaser: “If we do not want distributed networks where a central repository for data is almost always retained, should we be asking whether there might be another way? Should we indeed be asking whether we have reached the point where it’s time to “mesh” with our data?”

TCM article talks about the change and a need to respond to it and embrace it and points out how “Separately, each NonStop user may have become comfortable with just one aspect of their NonStop system at the expense of something else but collectively, across the NonStop community, there are those that have seen many more aspects of NonStop deployments. Alternatively, our practice here at TCM has experienced practically every possible configuration imaginable as we have extended our support for NonStop users around the world.”

I hope you will find this August 2021 issue informative and entertaining!

As always if you would like to see a question included in the next issue of the NonStop Insider or you have any comments you would like to see published, don’t hesitate to send an email to me, at:

Thank you,

Margo Holen
Managing Editor