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Issue 5.12 Editorial


Well, we all heard by now and you will read in the Pyalla article by Richard Buckle of how: “News is already being shared across the NonStop community of how this year’s planned in-person NonStop Technical Boot Camp is once again going to be held as a virtual event. Lurking in the back of my mind though is how NonStop isn’t as much about technology and products as it is about the community at large. We are part of NonStop because we part of something bigger than any of that.”

But wait! Connect just announced registration is now free for NonStop TBC 2021!

It is very clear as we approach now virtual TBC 2021 the GreenLake is on the forefront of the focus of this conference. In The HPE Corner article you will read:

“According to what has been published by CRN, (HPE CEO Antonio) Neri said –

‘Obviously GreenLake has given us a clear direction into the future by focusing on software and the as-a-service experience.

These things take time, but I can see in 2022 shifting faster [to GreenLake and as a service]. That is why I said a month or so ago that this is my No. 1 priority.’”

What else can you expect to see/hear at TBC 2021?

Justin Simonds, Master Technologist, writes in his article this month: “I started doing some YouTube learning on K8S and found that there were a lot of parallels between Pathway and Kubernetes.  Keith and I thought we’d do a little overview of Kubernetes at this year’s virtual NonStop TBC by comparing it to Pathway.  If you are at all interested in understanding Kubernetes at a high level join us in “Understanding Kubernetes through Pathway””

In the Keith “The NonStop Talker” Moore article you will read: “Over the past several releases of the NonStop operating system, there have been quite a few new solutions that have crept into the NonStop portfolio, unnoticed by most users. Each of these new tools or features alone do not expose much beyond their individual value to developers and system architects. However, if you watch closely, it’s as if there are those construction and utility infrastructure workers building features into the operating system. These new and future features provide access to a new NonStop operating system infrastructure ripe for new NonStop users and for new use cases for existing NonStop users.”

And let’s not forget that following NonStop TBC 2021 there will be more news about NonStop SQL. In the SQL Next Steps article you will see: “NonStop Academy is planning a webinar on SQL/MX DBS on Wednesday, October 13. Frans Jongma from the ATC will be the speaker at this event. The webinar will provide an overview and demonstration of the capabilities of SQL/MX DBS, featuring the POC webDBS GUI that is also used in the YouTube videos. If time permits, we may already tell the audience about the integration plans with ServiceNow and a new GUI for DBS. The webinar will be announced by NonStop Academy soon but you heard it first in NonStop Insider.”

When you read through this issue of the NonStop Insider you will notice how proud the vendor community is of its progress supporting NonStop servers and software evolution as many continue to offer new and exciting solutions.

I hope you will find this September 2021 issue informative and entertaining!

As always if you would like to see a question included in the next issue of the NonStop Insider or you have any comments you would like to see published, don’t hesitate to send an email to me, at:

Thank you,

Margo Holen
Managing Editor