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Issue 5.4 Editorial


Transcendence Theater Company had a great explanation of the origin of the wish “break a leg”. I researched a tad and there are many other explanations – I just like this one: “The most common theory refers to an actor breaking the ‘leg line’ of the stage. In the early days of theater, this is where ensemble actors were queued to perform. If actors were not performing, they had to stay behind the ‘leg line,’ which also meant they wouldn’t get paid.”

OK, nobody wished that on me (that I know of) but a week before Christmas I indeed broke a leg and now some 3 weeks later, following a surgery that put a rode and a nail into the bones, I happily hobble in my huge boot, using walker on flat surfaces and a crutch on stairs. Yeah, no fun! I suspect it was my taking a look back at 2020 and saying to myself ok, what else can go wrong? I could break a leg … and I almost heard that deep voice up there saying yup, it can be arranged.

Many articles in this January 2021 issue of the NonStop Insider reflect on the experiences and lessens learned from 2020.

In HPE NonStop RUGs you will read of how going virtual changed the world of events, perhaps forever? “The numbers are beginning to tell the story. It’s hard to replicate in the real world what’s taking place in the virtual world of events. The numbers from some of 2020’s biggest events are so large that they are somewhat intoxicating; dizzying for many to the point where it will be hard to justify the expense associated with returning to the old ways of doing things. Who wants to travel on an airline? Who wants to take that ride to a hotel, stand in line and then walk into a room of who-knows-what level of cleanliness? No, like many of you, let me click on ZOOM and participate over the ether.”

NTI did not feel bad about 2020. “For NTI it’s been a year we can only best describe as successful. We have launched new products and features that have been picked up by key members of the NonStop community with PoCs all looking good. It’s been a year where we have built on partnerships with other like-minded NonStop vendors to ensure core competencies (ours and those of others) are being leveraged for the benefit of our customers. In 2020 has the groundwork was laid for an even bigger partnership that we will unveil as the month comes to an end.”

Craig Lawrance wrote in his opinion article: “The central banks of the world must be having kittens right now.  They’ve been careful crafting their plans to launch a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), and the markets have had other ideas.  You may have noticed the value of Bitcoin climb from around $20,000 to just under $40,000 as I write.  It’s hard to be exactly precise about the value of a Bitcoin as it jumps by rather large percentages each day.” Read on, it is fascinating!

In the past few weeks you’ve been reading references to the article by the Australian Kim J. Brebach. You do want to read it, as it perfectly addresses the topic: “At the end of the day, is the cliché really a poisoned chalice? The lighter side of the much-maligned cliché.” Certainly a must read if you could use a touch of humor!

In his opinion paper Richard Buckle takes a look at what 2020 means to us all: “The global pandemic saw new jobs being created even as traditional jobs evaporated almost overnight and the personal transformation that did occur has resulted in looking at our job in a different light. The impact this has had on the mission critical systems we had been deploying for decades has been serious; suddenly every application has become mission critical.  With the changing jobs landscape and the newfound recognition of what constitutes mission critical, the world was suddenly very different in 2020 than anything we had known beforehand. And we just had to transform on a personal level.”

CSP writes: “As we reflect on the things we’ve learned from the pandemic, the importance of cybersecurity should be one of them. Organizations must renew their focus on cybersecurity to ensure that they are prepared to address and prevent cyber-threats and attacks.”

ETI agrees, and you will read in its article of how “The task of ensuring security is in place to protect our customers and it is an ongoing process for ETI-NET. “We see little indication that there will be any easing in the number of attacks being launched by unauthorized parties,” said Tétreault. “What we are doing however is letting our customers know of our commitment to ensuring their requirements of us remain a priority for our development teams.”

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Margo Holen
Managing Editor