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Issue 5.7 Editorial


In this April 2021 issue of the NonStop Insider you will find many references to the complexity of the world where NonStop is being available on premises as well as as a virtual, potentially in the cloud offering and where more and more vendors provide solutions in both environments.

CSP’s article concentrates, of course, on the security aspect of this new, complex world: “Data centers are fixed environments where applications run on dedicated servers that only authorized users can access. In contrast, a cloud environment is dynamic and automated, where pools of computing resources are available to support application workloads that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, from any device.

Migrating applications from traditional data center IT systems to public cloud infrastructure does not necessitate accepting a weaker security posture in return for the conveniences and other benefits cloud computing platforms offer.”

TCM addresses the issue of where are customers to turn when multiple vendors’ solutions are implemented and a problem arises? What about an implementation that could be tuned to perform better? It will be reassuring to read TCM’s article where the company states: “In business there will always be surprises but the NonStop community shouldn’t be surprised to find that as the complexity of NonStop ecosystem increases and as the ability of the enterprise to field its most competitive solutions their maintenance will demand even greater reliance on vendor support. TCM sees its role in providing insights into the way combinations of NonStop vendors’ software can be best utilized to achieve the competitive advantage enterprises seek and then be in a position to resolve any problems that might arise as being core to their business. Going forward, this is a role that can only get bigger as success for NonStop will attract even more vendors to NonStop systems.”

Steve Kubick video really plays well with this topic – read the Steve’s Opinion article where: “Turns out Steve had been involved in a post mortem following an issue at a customer site, not a down system mind you, but rather some issues over functionality. A post-mortem was indeed conducted but here’s the thing as far as Steve is concerned, “Would the cloud provider have spent the next couple of days on a post-mortem helping me to isolate where in my code the issue originated?”

ETI as well is talking about the increasing importance of the understanding of the complex nature of the NonStop offerings. You will read: “Cloud computing may still be ways off, but its impact on the enterprise cannot be understated. There are enterprises today that have made commitments to cloud computing vendors, but from our observations of the NonStop community, we see its attention continues to remain focused on on-prem deployments. HPE continues to emphasize the cloud experience, and we are watchful of any impact that this might have on the plans of the NonStop user community, but for now, the more immediate concerns arising from our customer reviews are about security and compliance, compatibility with the latest technology and continued fine-tuning of our overall performance. These constitute the most important requirements of ETI-NET as we move through 2021.”

Read also in the IR article about the impact of the complex, virtual world has on the enterprises and how IR is prepared to help: “Irrespective of the solutions deployed be that IR Collaborate, IR Transact and IR Infrastructure endpoints and edge processing can be fully protected. Perhaps with no limits in a virtual world, management and monitoring end-to-end mandates insights being provided that go deep into securing IT operations. This is now an integral part of the Prognosis solution portfolio and the NonStop community is a major beneficiary.”

Ready for a tad of exciting? Justin Simonds article starts with: “There was a TV show in the early to mid-seventies called The Six Million Dollar Man, about a former astronaut, USAF Colonel Steve Austin. After a NASA test flight accident, Austin is rebuilt with superhuman strength, speed, and vision due to bionic implants. “

Justin then says: “If you watched the Masters Golf tournament you know that every IBM commercial that came on discussed hybrid.  There’s hybrid architecture, hybrid cloud, hybrid artificial intelligence and now hybrid human beings.  Arrayed in one of these exoskeleton suits a human can work longer, lift more and apply greater pressure without the normal fatigue that would set in without the suit.  Although the article discusses ROI in manufacturing and agriculture, two labor intensive fields there are many more markets that could benefit from this transition to being hybrid.”  Read the article, you may find it fascinating!

Couple of other articles address the concepts that may be a tad more involved than you may think at first.

NTI discusses the topic of the solution’s performance: “Performance of software destined for deployment on NonStop systems breaks down into three categories: performance of the product itself, performance of support and value / price performance. There isn’t an enterprise to be referenced that is proud that the solution that supports their business is no longer mainstream, no longer supported and yes, is slow to respond to change even as it is slow to respond to user interactions. Performance of solutions including middleware, tools and utilities remains uttermost in the minds of all IT professionals.

The DRNet® product suite from NTI delivers on all three counts.” Read to find how NTI addresses all three aspects of performance.

Also, an exciting news from TANDsoft, a new software release that brings NonStop customers a long awaited features: “You asked for it. Version 3 of TANDsoft’s FS Compare and Repair addresses data discrepancies not only between “apples-to-apples” source and target databases but also between “apples-to-bananas” source and target databases. It allows HPE NonStop customers to compare any of their database files regardless of physical file structure. Data compare mode just grew more efficient.”A very exciting news from Striim, read the article!

“In our March 31, 2021 press release:

PALO ALTO, Calif., March 31, 2021 Striim, Inc., provider of a leading real-time data integration platform, has announced a $50 million Series C financing led by Goldman Sachs Growth Equity. Summit Partners, Atlantic Bridge Ventures, Dell Ventures, Bosch Ventures are also participating in the round.”

In his article Richard Buckle addresses meaning of the word “platform”: “The editors of The Connection magazine called for articles for inclusion in the March – April 2021 issue on the topic of New HPE NonStop Platform Updates for 2021 and struck me that the reference to platforms might be worth investigating. In conversations with members of the NonStop vendor community there were some difference of opinion as to what was meant by “platform”.

Do not skip reading HPE NonStop RUGs update – “To gauge our appetite for a return to face-to-face gatherings, surveys have already started circulating, none with greater impact than the upcoming major event fort the NonStop community, TBC 2021. Planned for October 5-7, 2021, to be held in the Hilton Denver City Center there is a strong likelihood that for 2021 we may see a partial return to an in-person event. Perhaps a hybrid affair with both in-person and virtual sessions planned? “

There are many other articles as well in this issue of NonStop Insider and we hope you will enjoy reading them all!

If you would like to see a question included in the next issue of the NonStop Insider or you have any comments you would like to see published, don’t hesitate to send an email to me, at:

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Margo Holen
Managing Editor