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Issue 5.8 Editorial


As we are slowly crawling out of the pandemic many organizations are becoming seriously security conscious, even more so than they were before COVID-19.

CSP writes about a need for centralized strategy: “Organizations must implement a central security strategy to ensure secure access to information across the different cloud environments. The unified policies should govern access and control, regardless of whether the security gateways and services are located onsite or on the Cloud.”

comforte points out: “The responsibility for data security ultimately ends in the Boardroom regardless of the IT environment – operating HPE NonStop or other platforms – that creates and processes the organization’s valuable data.”

Lusis promotes its article on fraud detection: “Combining evidence from different sources can be achieved with Bayesian or Dempster-Shafer methods. The first re-quires an estimate of the priors and likelihoods while the second only needs an estimate of the posterior probabilities and enables reasoning with uncertain information due to imprecision of the sources and with the degree of conflict between them. This paper describes the two methods and how they can be applied to the estimation of a global score in the context of fraud detection.”

Roland Lemoine’s article promotes his latest post, Welcome to the cloud experience with HPE NonStop SQL. Roland finishes his article with: “… with the renewed interest in NonStop came the responsibility to ensure that the NonStop SQL Cloud Edition would be delivered as a turnkey database software bundle. The good news is plain and simple; NonStop SQL continues to evolve with the marketplace and with the interest in on-prem, hybrid IT where a unifying cloud experience is proving desirable, the NonStop team has delivered a key component in meeting these requirements.”

When you read the article “Opinion: Let’s talk AI” you may be amused by its last paragraph. Richard Buckle writes: “There was a time when some industry pundits went so far as to suggest the true meaning of AI was arrogance mixed with indifference, but no longer. The need to provide actionable insights in real time will certainly separate market winners from laggards. Perhaps that is the most important message of all concerning NonStop: The ability to be always available together with the ability to scale is more welcome than ever when it comes to enjoying a true cloud experience – mini or otherwise.”

Richard continues his AI topic in the Pyalla update where he is bringing the news from HPE: “While not as dramatic as Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics, ‘HPE has established its first-ever AI Ethics Advisory Board; the Board’s first action was to define a set of AI Ethical Principles to guide how we use and develop responsible AI that has beneficial outcomes for people, businesses, and public services.”

TCM writes about the acceleration of change during the pandemic and how the company is helping customers dealing with the fast changes: “For all of 2021 to date we have been involved in helping our NonStop community clients navigate perhaps the most difficult of times as a result of the global pandemic. Plans that were put in place covering the next couple of years needed to be executed in a matter of months.” TCM points out how: “It might be a moot point to talk of these NonStop users deploying a complex mix of thirty and perhaps as many as forty third party products. Whether it’s in support of accelerated development, ease of use or even tighter integration with other systems, these third party products all need to be evaluated and then implemented.”

There are many other articles as well in this issue of NonStop Insider and we hope you will enjoy reading them all!

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