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January Editorial (Issue 2.4)

Happy New Year

NonStop Insider


This month you will be reading about cars and events, you will be invited to open discussions with the NonStop Vendors and you will read about changes happening in the vendors’ community, changes to products and changes to personnel. It is all good and exciting and I hope you will enjoy this January 2018 issue of the NonStop Insider.

In the article by TSI in this month’s NonStop Insider the author talks about a lack of innovation leading to stagnation – what got me thinking was that well, he is a kindred spirit after all, given the example he chose to illustrate the point. If you are not sure about kindred spirits read “Anne of Green Gables” by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Anyway, TSI’s author concludes in the first paragraph “So by continual innovation, General Motors has been able to maintain the Corvette as America’s premier sports car.” Yeah, kindred spirit!

Less surprising, in the Striim submission you get to read about Colton Herta, the awards winning young race car driver, who “When asked how he went, his immediate response was something along the lines of “Well, I guess I will have to buy more bags to bring home all the trophies!” This was the background to a story about many awards won by Striim and how Striim may need a bigger cabinet to store them all! Yeah, kindred spirit!

Pyalla submission, not to be outdone, wrote: “If you want to evaluate the strength of any company, look at the way it handles new products,” writes Motor Trend Editor-in-Chief, Edward Loh, in the December, 2017, issue of the magazine. “That it has the resources and foresight to innovate and seek white space in crowded markets is a fundamental indicator of success.” There is a clear theme here, isn’t there?

A subtle reference to the car motor industry can be found in the opening paragraph of the OmniPayments submission: “The intrusions one industry is making on the other are gaining more and more attention. Is Uber a ride share vendor or a technology vendor – even with the EU court’s ruling against Uber just recently, reminding the European community that Uber should be regulated like a taxi company, there is no denying that once well-understood industries like transportation and warehousing or even bricks and mortar retailers are working overtime to move into adjacent industries where they see greater business value on offer.”

NTI shared with us the information on changes happening at the company, read the submission to find out more – it finishes with “You will see NTI at RUG events as you will see us at major HPE sponsored symposiums and exhibitions. Don’t forget to look out for us and when you see any member of our team, make sure you engage them – and yes, a big welcome to Tim and to Richard.”

Insider Technology also refers to participating in the events in 2018 “Thinking back to TBC2017, we’ve already planned in the coming years’ events, with the European NonStop Symposium being our first community event of the year in Leipzig, Germany. This will be a first for Insider Technologies and we’re very much looking forward to participating once again alongside ETI-NET. Whilst it’s still a few months off, the timing will be excellent as we’ll get a real change to connect with NonStop users and get a true reflection of the prospects and challenges that come with a step change to NonStop X. Of course, we’ll play a role at the year’s BITUG events and at TBC2018. “

ETI-NET tells us “it will be a very exciting year and you will see many of us here at ETI-NET attending the user group events here in north America as well as in Europe and Asia – watch for us at RUG events including the big GTUG pan-European event, Boot Camps in California and Asia – giving presentations on vBB (virtual BackBox) around the world and provide additional customer stories. Watch for further news about the schedule in later publications and promotions but safe to say, we are really looking forward to catching up with as many of you as we can and if you want additional information on where we will be or about our products and features, feel free to contact us at any time.”

GTUG sent us the promotion for the event: “Meet the NonStop Community in Leipzig at the “European GTUG NonStop HotSpot / IT-Symposium 2018 – Conference & Exhibition” on May 14 – 16 (17), 2018 at the Westin Hotel Leipzig, Germany” Spoiler alert- I will be in attendance for this event and I look forward to seeing many of you!

Data Express encourages readers to contact them as well “if you missed talking to DataExpress while at the event or you missed the event entirely, and would like to know how well DataExpress would fit into your migration plans, then we would be only too happy to give you even more insight into the true value proposition of DataExpress whether your needs are to run DataExpress on bladesystems, converged systems, hybrids or even out at the edge. Just give us a call or send us an email and conversations about this will too be welcomed by everyone here at DataExpress.”

We have an update from the ITUGLIB, and it finishes with: ”One place you can monitor ITUGLIB updates at the Google group: comp.sys.tandem, where Randall has been posting notices when new versions become available.” Make a note of this!

And finally, a very optimistic message from Paragon: “As the NonStop story continues to evolve, virtualization has now taken center stage for many financial institutions. Running mission critical payments solutions on NonStop, but configuring it as just another virtualized workload, with functionality externalized as industry-standard APIs is very much at the fore of many technology migration plans. The message from Paragon is very clear – we have the automated payment testing tools to help our clients successfully test and manage this evolution.”

And to think, this is just a preview; now it’s time to dig into all the  stories making up this first issue of 2018!

I hope you will enjoy this issue of the NonStop Insider, and as always, please direct any comment you may have to

Margo Holen

Managing Editor