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March Editorial (Issue 2.6)

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This March 2018 issue of the NonStop Insider brings a new column: “HPE: News from the very top … This is the first column in a series that will focus on articles and interviews featuring HPE CEO, Antonio Neri. “After all, when it comes to the topic of vision, strategy and markets, who’s better placed to describe the HPE big picture than Neri!”

The NonStop CEOs have their say this time presents Dieter Orlowski, CEO of comforte Inc. “We definitely see a lot of interest by NonStop customers to upgrade to NonStop X in the near-term.  The interest seems to be driven by the need to get off of older technology, in order to capture new business or handle more growth …”

The year 2018 has started and meetings and events are happening and are being planned. Next big one, “The ‘European GTUG NonStop HotSpot / IT-Symposium 2018 – Conference &Exhibition’ takes place on May 14 – 16 (17), 2018 at the Westin Hotel in Leipzig, Germany. The preparations are in full swing!

ETI-NET talks about participating in many events this year: “We have just returned from the first event of March, the big RUG event put on by SunTUG, and ETI-NET was visible among the big turn out from NonStop users and NonStop vendors.”

“And this is just the beginning for ETI-NET as we are heading to Scottsdale Arizona for the DUST RUG …”

In the HPE RUG events column you will find more details on what is planned and “By no means is this a comprehensive list of all events as preliminary work is being done in support of both OzTUG (Australia) and CTUG (Canada) and if you are working on putting a RUG event on for your region, please make sure you reach out to Kathy Wood of BlackWood Systems who is doing a really good job of keeping us all informed. Kathy can be reached at: Kathy K. Wood

Attending NonStop events is great, but in between these events, the best way to keep track of what is going on in the community is by following Social Media! In the social Media RoundUp you will read: “Social media is different from traditional media. It is also much more than simply having a presence on the web. A lot more! What has attracted me over the years, spending a considerable amount of time each month following links, is the freshness and oftentimes, the passion as well as the genuine desire to explain something that is associated with NonStop for the benefit of the NonStop community.”

Getting into the spring spirit comforte reminds us “But seriously, as we dream of warmer weather, the smell of fresh cut grass, and the distinct pop of a long fly ball – when you’re the expert, you know what’s on people’s minds and you know why it’s on their minds. When it comes to IT Security, data security is that topic – after all, data really is the crown jewel of most organizations and attackers know it.” Read the post to see what 4 things you need to consider for achieving a true Data Security!

CSP discusses the unique challenges in the world of Hybrid IT:  “There are several factors that have driven the adoption of hybrid IT infrastructures, including the need to maintain control of data, the cost effectiveness of cloud components, such as software-as-a-service and database-as-a-service, and the desire for an IT department to respond as quickly as possible to rapidly changing business needs.”

Gravic discusses a white paper that was just produced: “…switching replication engines with zero downtime is a topic with immense complexity. In this white paper, Switching Replication Engines with Zero Downtime and Less Risk, we discuss how a data replication engine can be changed/upgraded without taking either the application or the database offline, while providing full disaster recovery protection as the project takes place.”

Read this month’s DataExpress post – you may enjoy it as much as find it informative: “…while DataExpress is the Cadillac, there are other options applicable to moving files! While Cadillac may bring with images of luxury, perhaps excess and even unwieldly size that is no longer the case as the manufacturer has refined the Cadillac and directed it at specific markets. But what does being the ‘Cadillac of …’ mean?”!

In the HPE Corner Richard Buckle talks about the HPE first quarter results and lifts a corner on his weekly updates to his clients: “It was only a short time ago that HPE published its Q1, 2018, quarterly results and followed up with calls to financial analysts. This time, the results looked a lot better than for the past year or so and while it is not often that I pull information from my private weekly updates for my clients, this month I am making a small exception and will quote a couple of items from that client-only weekly update – a publication I refer to as a Buckle’d View.”

TSI also discusses the HPE financial results and today’s economy trends and states “In my opinion, NonStop is well positioned to take advantage of increased IT infrastructure spending. The respect for the NonStop platform within HPE is obvious; two years ago NonStop X and the L-Series software was introduced, a year ago the Virtual NonStop, and last year the Virtual-Converged NonStop. And, all the while NonStop continues to maintain and update the J-Series software as well. The Virtual-Converged system necessarily bridges the gap between the NonStop X fully converged servers and the purely virtual NonStop (hardware agnostic) product.”

On the solutions side, FSS article talks about the use of analytics; “Analytics is at the core of innovation and differentiation in payments.  With the growth of digital payments, banks have a plethora of data available from an increasing number of digital payment sources including issuance and acquiring systems Advanced analytics can unlock patterns hidden in massive data flows.”

OmniPayments is celebrating 23 years of growth with NonStop! Read more in the OmniPayments post and know that “There will be celebrations and there will be publicity, of that you can be certain. As we look forward to what will happen next, we already know of OmniPayments support for and successful deployment of, OmniPayments on NonStop X but perhaps there is a lot more to follow. It is now no secret among those closest to OmniPayments CEO, Yash, that he is drawn to the possibilities that should open up with virtualized NonStop and then too there is the tantalizing upside potential that could very well become possible with OmniPayments supporting the new Blockchain DLT built on NonStop and utilizing NonStop SQL.”

Paragon talks about applying AI in testing: “With so many financial institutions relying on applications running on NonStop, ‘the NonStop teams need to be leading the charge towards automated and integrated testing especially from those vendors of testing products that are embracing AI or they will get left behind. Or much worse, see alternative platforms replacing NonStop.”

Striim’s article talks about the company and its products “If you have been second guessing Striim and considered it just another infrastructure proponent, take a good look at the Striim web site. Perhaps to better adjust your way of looking at Striim, you should check out the tab for Use Cases where some fifteen different, extremely important and very viable use cases are presented. And perhaps there is no solution more important to the NonStop community today, given HPE’s focus on hybrid IT, than REAL-TIME DATA INTEGRATION: Capture the True Power of Big Data, Cloud and IoT

Pyalla Technologies reiterates the theme of rapid changes “…going fast has been a reoccurring theme of recent posts and commentaries. In an upcoming feature for The Connection, I wrote about changes taking place in Formula 1 racing as it pertains to the Internet of Things (IoT) and Data Analytics. Yes, as fast as these cars can travel it’s still no match for just how fast data flows from the car to those charged with ensuring it is all functioning properly. “


I hope you enjoy this March 2018 issue of NonStop Insider and I hope to see even more submissions from you for our April issue.

Thank you,

Margo Holen
Managing Editor