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May Editorial


We have worked really hard over a short timeframe to create this May issue of the NonStop Insider, ahead of the upcoming eBITUG event, and I’d like to thank our contributors for stepping up and accommodating this very aggressive schedule! Much appreciated!

In this issue you will find many interesting news – from the payments solutions providers you will read about OmniCloud X from OmniPayments building out the cloud infrastructure based on the latest NonStop X systems from HPE and introducing support for Loyalty Cards and Mobile Wallets.

FSS talks about its new product aimed at providing next generation faster and secure payments experience in India. When asked about whether Recon had been deployed Raj responded with:

“Yes. FSS Recon is one of our flagship products and has been deployed in global markets. This thought leadership highlights the next generation reconciliation needs and the direction FSS Recon is looking forward to travel.”

“Tiered and Policy Based Data Backup – The new Paradigm (Part 2)” from Glenn Garrahan, Director of HPE Business for Tributary Systems, Inc. talks about approaches and techniques behind the Storage Director product.

Many in the NonStop community express their desire to see HPE promote and market the NonStop brand. CAIL’s Ron Thompson writes: “…could HPE do a TED Talk (the influential nonprofit Technology, Entertainment and Design conference with over six billion views that creates cobranded conferences for IBM, Intel, etc. . For example, could HPE approach TED about their vision for technology and enterprise information services – that includes insights on how NonStop systems enable organizations raise the bar with new services and products that produce important business benefits?”

Read Ron’s article, it sure goes beyond the usual “I wish HPE did more marketing of NonStop”.

Data Express writes of being ready for the hybrid world having solutions on Nonstop as well as Linux/Windows and explains how it sees its role in customers’ environment by paraphrasing BASF add “We don’t make the (file transfer) products you use, we make them better.”

Infrasoft is as well ready for the hybrid world and Peter Shell tells us that “uLinga will shortly bring to market support for X25 over TCP/IP – XOT”.

comForte’s article talks about the GTUG-Connect event was held in Hannover, Germany in the center of Hannover Messe, which is one of the largest industrial fairs in the world. Of course comForte is on its way to eBITUG, as are many vendors in the NonStop community.

Striim was also attending the Hannover Messe but as an exhibitor and it’s good to read about vendors active in the NonStop market promoting their products to a wider audience.

ETI-NET also attended GTUG event and attended an “event similar to the NonStop Technical Boot Camp will also have been held for the AsiaPacific / Japan (APJ) marketplace. This HPE NonStop Technology Day took place over a two day period between May 4th and 5th and included a technology day for all members of the NonStop community but with a second day focused specifically on the needs of partners.”

Although at this point no customer complained about the NonStop X performance, to contrary, its speed and capacity is well recognized, there always is a room for improvement and second part of the article “InfiniBand Wish List for the NonStop X” addresses opportunities with what author, Dean Malone, refers jokingly as a “shameless plug” – an offer to work with customers to implement an even higher performance solution. If you missed the first part of this series, go here to read it first.

However, not everyone is fortunate enough to be going to eBITUG. From Pyalla Technologies, LLC., you will read of Richard Buckle’s disappointment of having to miss yet another meeting where Jimmy Treybig will be in attendance! Must be nearly 20 years of experience that has taught him to say: “Unfortunately, circumstance dictate that I will have to remain in Boulder, Colorado, as it is a time of moving home and office and it would not be wise to leave the responsibility totally in Margo’s hands. “
Wishing everyone a great eBITUG event. We sadly will be missing a chance to see Jimmy, but boxes need to be packed and papers need to be signed,