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Last month it was all about celebrating OmniPayments 24th anniversary, so this month we kick off the start of OmniPayments 25th year of supporting the NonStop community with products and services. A quarter of a century for a former NonStop developer who saw opportunities for NonStop and has capitalized on them in a way that has introduced many western hemisphere users to NonStop systems. As a solutions vendor specializing in payments, bringing a modern solution to financial institutions and in some cases, government agencies, as was the case in Colombia, has allowed OmniPayments to take NonStop where other NonStop vendors haven’t been able to go – new NonStop hardware on the data center floor!

From humble beginnings, OmniPayments now has mapped a path that takes it deeper into the data center with solutions running on NonStop X systems even as it reduces the need for any hardware at all needed in the data center. Last year it was all about building and testing with the global deployment of an OmniPayments cloud built entirely with NonStop X systems. This not only provided OmniPayments with a strong foothold in the NonStop X marketplace but opened the door to providing OmniPayments on the basis of Software as a Service (SaaS). Today, OmniCloudX is a product that can be subscribed to inexpensively, with a quick time-to-market, and with the access to knowledgeable OmniPayments staff, can be monitored easily and efficiently, with your new vpayments service up and running in days.

Perhaps even more importantly, for financial institutions including major retailers, validating new product offerings on the basis of Proof of Concepts (PoCs) and even new feature Pilots, OmniPayments doesn’t make any demands on the prospect to sign upfront for new hardware. For an industry that is risk averse in almost every aspect of its business, removing this hardware requirement lessens any perceived pain that may otherwise have been anticipated when embracing something entirely new. Already, the rewards from such an approach are bearing dividends for OmniPayments as today there are multiple FIs up and running worldwide OmniCloudX from out of the OmniPayments cloud.

With this foundation it then shouldn’t come as a surprise to read that as we move into 2019, OmniPayments is already tested and validated to run on virtualized NonStop (vNS). This is a result of the work initially performed in support of the new L-Series operating system the NonStop team developed to support both NonStop X and the new NS2 systems. The L-Series operating systems is also the foundation for those enterprises – banks, retailers, payments processors, etc. – that elect to run vNS on their own hardware and during 2019 it will not come as a surprise to find early adopters of vNS running NonStop together with OmniPayments on their own hardware. Of course, HPE is anticipating these users to opt for HPE ProLiant servers to underpin these moves to vNS, but all x86 hardware (with support for specific Ethernet connectivity – refer relevant HPE architecture guides for virtualized NonStop) are candidates for running OmniPayments in a truly virtualized world as is likely with private clouds.

If as yet you aren’t familiar with the OmniPayments blog or simply do not know about it, you may want to take a look at the post of February 21, 2019, OmniPayments celebrates another milestone – its 24th anniversary! where reference was also made to the big win by OmniPayments at U.S. retailer, JCPenney. If you have any problems with the hyperlink above, then just cut and paste this link into you browser –

As important as the JCPenney win is to OmniPayments the upcoming 24th anniversary is an accomplishment that is well worth celebrating across the entire NonStop community. At a time when this community looks for even more solutions vendors to enter the NonStop marketplace there is no better way to attract additional solutions vendors than to highlight the success that continues to come the way of an existing vendor who has been a part of the NonStop community for as long as has OmniPayments.

Drawing attention to the success OmniPayments continues to enjoy with financial institutions is not only important for HPE but as the above makes note of, it’s important to for everyone in the NonStop community. At a time when HPE is aggressively promoting its message of partnerships and of how today’s marketplace is very much driven by the products partners provide, OmniPayments is at the forefront of growing the NonStop user community. Transactions continue to climb and data is growing even faster and to have a vendor like OmniPayments committed to NonStop and committed too to supporting options such as clouds, there is every cause to celebrate OmniPayments wins that deliver NonStop into new businesses. It’s what the NonStop community as a whole enjoys reading about above all else.

This upcoming 25th year of OmniPayments operations looks to make a major impact on the payments industry. Being able to run OmniPayments any way you want to be able to consume and pay for it on the basis of a service, opens the door to financial institutions everywhere to optimize the way they process payments. Whether cash constrained, human resources constrained or even geographically constrained, OmniPayments has a way to support even the most adventurous of payments solutions deployments. If you would like to know a lot more about OmniPayments and about OmniCloudX and about deploying OmniPayments solutions as SaaS, then watch for our RUG presentations as we continue to cover the world. And yes, we hope to see you but should you miss us for any reason, you can always reach us via email or simply give us a call!

Yash Kapadia | CEO | tel +1 408 446 9274