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Protect Yourself Against Payments Fraud

Published by: Lusis Payments

The rapid increase in digital payments and changing consumer habits has resulted in the continuous evolution of fraud schemes that cheat consumers and payments institutions alike. The Tango AIF™ solution from Lusis Payments provides a comprehensive shield against payments fraud for both acquirers and issuers. Best Technology At the heart ... read more


FS Compare and Repair Features New DR Partition and Index Loading Capabilities

Published by: TANDsoft

For database administrators (DBAs) in HPE NonStop shops, the work is never done. DBAs must work constantly to ensure adequate space and preserve availability and integrity, while maximizing resource efficiency and utilization. To balance these considerations, they need to put a lot of effort into reorganizing tables, including managing ... read more


To the long-term NonStop Users in Connect

Published by: XID, Ltd.

From the last ITUG presentation given to the NonStop community in 2008 About 14 years ago, when the HP/ITUG Liaison Office closed, the staff there reached out to me to see if there was interest in retaining materials from ITUG conferences past.  At the time Bill Highleyman and myself were the 2 former Board members most involved with the ... read more


Partnerships? Together Striim and HPE will provide NonStop users with the real time data streaming platform to better integrate with today’s enterprise hybrid IT

Published by: striim

Call them relationships, partnerships or ecosystems. It matters little, but what it highlights is that enterprises gain market share when they work well with others. No enterprise operates a business in isolation; no enterprise succeeds in business functioning as an island. Perhaps lighthouse keepers, isolated in the tower they maintain ... read more


The Modern Data Stack is dead

Published by: NonStop Insider

For the NonStop community the concept of stacks isn’t entirely new. Indeed, from the earliest days of Tandem Computers, presentations on the NonStop “integrated stack” often took center stage. And for good reason. NonStop has seen many changes made to the hardware but throughout its history, it has been the software components of the ... read more


NTI turns to in-person events to champion DRNet®/Unified as NonStop Community’s best solution for all things data driven

Published by: NTI

With travel restrictions being lifted at a rapid pace and hotels beginning to provide services that are normally expected of them, it is an overwhelming sense of relief that road trips are once again getting pinned to our calendars. It is as if the gates have been opened. Perhaps not fully, but even as the need for returning negative ... read more


Pyalla Technologies, LLC …Providing articles, commentaries and posts focused on HPE, Mission Critical Systems and NonStop

Published by: Pyalla Technologies

How much has really changed? Since the global pandemic burst onto the scene it seems as though everything we planned on doing was put off and the projects we had prioritized were set aside. Our view of the world changed in a way that appears more intent on erecting fences than building bridges and the news channels seem to be little more ... read more


ETI-NET brings its message of data backup solutions to the in-person BITUG NonStop event

Published by: ETI-NET

Interacting with the NonStop community has been an integral part of the culture of ETI-NET. It is how we ensure our messages are communicated in a manner that is both unambiguous and relevant for the times. From the days when we joined with other vendors at ITUG Summits ETI-NET has recognized the value that comes with in-person events ... read more


Live events are back!

Published by: CSP

BIG SIG, hosted by the British Isles Tandem User Group, returned for its first in-person event in two years. The conference was held at London’s Trinity House, located in the famous Tower Hill neighborhood. It was great to see everyone in London, and we appreciate all the hard work the organizers put in to ensure a successful return. ... read more


The cloud that comes to you

Published by: HPE

NonStop SQL/MX in a cloud that comes to you? By the time you read this article I had the pleasure to appear on a live stage with a real audience in my country where the first INNIG NonStop user-group meeting for three years was held. I used this event to recap the work that has been done by teams from different development organizations ... read more