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JCPenney embraces OmniPayments: a big win for OmniPayments in the US

Craig Lawrance




omni mar 19 -1

You read a lot of glowing case studies on the internet.  But this one is different. It’s not simply the fact that JC Penney chose OmniPayments as their platform of choice as their replacement for Base24.   It’s got more to do with the fact that they initially ruled OmniPayments out of the running.   JC Penney is not a small concern; with around 1000 US stores nationwide and a common challenge of how to streamline their business for an increasingly Clicks & Bricks economy, they needed a payment infrastructure to match their Clicks, Bricks, and Loyalty accrual and redemption across the various channels.

So they turned to the established players for their shortlist; the ones with the glowing list of household references; I won’t bore you with the names of either.  But for whatever reason, the established players on their shortlist appeared unable to meet the level of flexibility and commitment JC Penney needed to meet their requirements, and guarantee a successful outcome.  So having initially ruled out OmniPayments & others, they re-opened the long-list to re-evaluate who could best help them.

As for possibly the two best quotes you will see in this case study are the following:

omni mar 19 -2

omni mar 19 -3

Now that I’ve set the scene, you can read all about the procedure they went through to select OmniPayments & their migration experience; it’s probably not the story you’re anticipating.