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What does your NonStop future look like?

It's time to think about your NonStop's long-term support




Were you to have been asked that question some years ago, the answer most likely would have bee “I’m not sure”. There have never been doubts over NonStop’s ability to deliver in a mission-critical capacity, but there was a time not so long ago where doubts over the platform’s ability, and willingness, to play nice with other, more modern IT advances, called for very senior people to question how NonStop would fit in their organisation’s future strategy. Uncertainty is as good as inability. In an environment that deals in hard facts and calculable certainties, there is no room for “not sure”.

Thankfully, NonStop has changed, adapted to modern times and now integrates seamlessly with any IT strategy. Uncertainty has been replaced with an assurance that the NonStop platform is here to stay, and will continue to keep pace with the changes in demand and in related technologies.

There is however one area that still retains a small degree of risk: resourcing.

NonStop is where it is: the top of the mission-critical food-chain, because of what it is: a specialist, complex technology solution. It requires, highly skilled, experienced management and engineering if it is to reach it’s potential and maintain its stability. However, identifying and retaining resource with the appropriate level of skill and experience represents an ever-growing challenge. With the mature nature of this particular workforce, the focus for NonStop users must become identifying methods to remove the risk of losing this critical, niche skill set, and future-proof their NonStop solution.

This is where TCM can help.

TCM’s range of NonStop Succession Planning support services offer NonStop users the opportunity to safeguard the operation of their NonStop platform.

TCM NS Succession Planning

TCM’s NonStop Succession Planning services provide a safety net for organisations concerned with the long-term stability of their NonStop resourcing strategy. TCM has devised a range of options for organisations looking to tie down their long-term resourcing requirements:

TCM’s range of services are designed to provide customers with a flexible, adaptable means of securing their resourcing strategy. TCM will embed seamlessly into the customer’s operating structure, working side-by-side with existing teams and providing the cover precisely where and when it is required. As experts in the field of NonStop, TCM brings a wide range of skills, experience and specialist capabilities to every service we provide, guaranteeing you the highest levels of NonStop support.


If you see NonStop in your future, speak to TCM today about how we can build a resourcing plan to support the platform now, and into the future. | | The NonStop Experts