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NTI –Platinum Sponsor for ETBC 2019; look for greater insights into our vision!



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NTI May 19

There is always an air of anticipation in the lead up to any major NonStop user event and with the European Technical Boot Camp (ETBC) hosted by BITUG a matter of only a couple of days away, like everyone else who will be attending, NTI team is excited to be a Platinum Sponsor of the event. Whenever there is a gathering of the NonStop community looking to hear more about the future of NonStop NTI will be there as we too have exciting news for the NonStop community.

In the latter half of 2018 NTI started putting the pieces together on a strategy that is focused on data and on making sure data is being managed in multiple ways – from data that is replicated to better ensure business continuity to data that is simply being distributed to ensure its presence where it is needed to data that is integrated into platforms such as data warehouses and data lakes. Along the way, data may be subject to transformation and this too is becoming an integral function of NTI’s premier product in this market – DRNet®. Now that we are getting deeper into 2019, NTI is able to showcase the progress it has made in turning strategy into products as the company lifts the veil on exciting new capabilities that will help NonStop play an even bigger role within enterprise IT.

For this event, Richard Buckle will be giving the presentation, NTI Strategy and Business Update: From Replication to distribution, integration and transformation; it’s all about data! 

If as yet you haven’t checked out the Agenda on the ETBC web site, the following abstract should be a good enticement for you to attend this Tuesday post-lunch session at 2:15 –

NTI is taking its DRNet® products deeper into the NonStop community as it kicks off a major initiative to complement traditional deployment models with opportunities to leverage DRNet®  as SaaS and to transform the way DRNet®  is consumed.

NTI has announced a major commitment to purchase multiple copies of virtualized NonStop in support of this transition for SaaS but it will be a program implemented with the needs of its global customer base very much in mind and this presentation will describe the market needs today for data replication, integration and transformation as it gives the first insights into NTI’s roadmaps supporting this major initiative.

NTI has also announced DRNet® VISION – support for better NonStop integration with Splunk. Splunk already has a tremendous following among those who want to make sense of data of all types and from all sources.

NTI DRNet® supports the replication, distribution, integration and transformation of data to meet whatever requirements of data generated on NonStop any business may have for today!

No technology or product line is an island and once prominent point products that were considered best-of-breed do not function by themselves. As we continue the transformation journey to Hybrid IT, it is important to recognize the many paths that connect the fabric of IT and it is this demand for data to travel down many of these paths that NTI’s product, DRNet®,  has been engineered to meet. At a time too when Hybrid IT embraces on-prem traditional systems and private clouds together with off-prem public clouds, the options enterprises must consider are many. Fortunately it is the task of DRNet® to make whatever option is chosen not only meet the demand, but simplify the process as well as with one product, DRNet®  satisfies many of the requirements common to moving data.
Anticipate hearing much more about DRNet® at ETBC and be sure to attend our presentation. If you missed our presentations at earlier RUG events this year and are unable to attend ETBC, already held, just call or email us for more information on DRNet®. We would be only too happy to listen to your business requirements and to work with you to ensure NonStop continues as a vital platform within your data center.
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