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CAIL: Increasing NonStop appeal by supporting “Standards”– inside and outside the box …

And better positioning NonStop in the enterprise by extending the “ technical model “ of Client engagement with a “ compelling business value proposition ” to Corporate and IT Executives.



For many years CAIL has been supporting the NonStop community with CAIL Suite, a bundled solution for the desktop having modernization, security and connectivity capabilities to improve NonStop information services.

In addition, CAIL software is embedded in Reflection / Extra! Client Solutions for Host access with all platforms – to better integrate NonStop systems into enterprise IT infrastructure and enable NonStop to be included in a corporate standardization strategy. This is important to increase NonStop profile, appeal and value to expand opportunities. Further insights on NonStop contributing to the significant benefits associated with “Standardization” are indicated on the CAIL website at , and

With the increasing need to support “Enterprise Standards” to respect corporate strategic direction in Client organizations, HPE progress to provide standards associated with the platform, and Partner products that enable NonStop be included in enterprise standardization initiatives – there are options to expand NonStop appeal and value . Further, with the introduction of NonStop X systems and now, as Virtualized NonStop gains greater visibility (the latter now formally introduced as being a supported option as part of the just-released L17.02 Release Version Update) this push to standardization has increased importance and real substance for all data center managers.

As we are all aware, business today relies on IT to keep the organization operating. Based on the above insights and NonStop fundamentals, the platform is uniquely positioned to enable organizations deliver in an “online – real time – all the time world.” With NonStop enabling organizations to improve business outcomes from a technological perspective, there is also a need for strong business skills to effectively tell the NonStop story from a corporate perspective to expand opportunities.

As a community we are all fully aware that all platform groups within an enterprise need to keep executives abreast of the value that specific systems provide. We also know that platforms and services apart from NonStop are doing a very good job at this – including IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon, SalesForce, Google, etc. To help the cause, it’s important HPE engage with Corporate Executives in the Accounts and highlight the business benefits, strategic considerations, and metrics to confirm the value of NonStop. Being successful at this ensures the NonStop is part of the Client’s future, plus attracts more applications to the platform to expand opportunities for Customers, HPE, and Partners.

In conjunction with this, it’s important to indicate NonStop information services can be seamlessly integrated with other systems to fast track the delivery of new enterprise solutions to improve Customer business outcomes. In addition, could HPE do a TED Talk (the influential nonprofit Technology, Entertainment and Design conference with over six billion views that creates cobranded conferences for IBM, Intel, etc. . For example, could HPE approach TED about their vision for technology and enterprise information services – that includes insights on how NonStop systems enable organizations raise the bar with new services and products that produce important business benefits?

This is an opportunity for HPE to show leadership, leverage the HPE brand, and develop the high level business development skills to engage with senior client corporate executives on business terms as well as with IT executives on a range of technology and strategic terms. With those associated with NonStop doing a good job of evangelizing within the community, expanding the message to a much bigger audience is critical for success. And with NonStop being an HPE platform, the more HPE does to elevate NonStop messaging around business and strategy to decision makers, the more Clients, HPE and the community benefit.

The timing of this is very good since organizations are looking for options to move forward with new capabilities – quickly, with a fast ROI. With the traditional workhorse of the data center, the venerable mainframe, under attack and the increasing appeal of cloud computing, this is a great opportunity to open the door for more organizations to benefit with NonStop.

All the best to HPE in leading the effort to extend the traditional technical and technology life-cycle sales model with a compelling NonStop value proposition that Business Executives can buy into. To help the cause, HPE is welcome to contact CAIL and other Partners with enterprise solutions (having NonStop support) to strategize on business development initiatives – either directly, through a focus group, or in a meeting at a NonStop event.

For those interested in expanding NonStop relevance and opportunities, or have suggestions to increase NonStop appeal, please contact –

Ron Thompson